Something that Needs to be heard yet again.



Thank you Mr. Paul Harvey…You are dearly missed.



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  1. Definitely reblogging this!!! So prophetic…

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    Here is a very prophetic message from Paul Harvey from 1965!
    Thank you to Basharr’s Outpost for posting this for us!

  3. Thank you Rhonda for spreading the word.

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    I miss his presence on the radio, too..

    • I live in a mountain town in northern California and Paul Harvey was picked up on the radio up here. I loved it he did not bring a lot of nonsense just good talking and enjoyable news delivery.

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    Amazing – to think Paul Harvey predicted this in 1965 and what did we do even when we saw this coming? Nothing, but kept eating the grass that looked greener on the other side (Communist/Muslim Democrats). So what do we do now – fight like hell after having won the 2014 election, keep Obama in the corral, and between now and 2016 plow up that green grass and cultivate more people who want to save the country and plow under those Communist/Muslim Democrats who are ruining our country..

    • We as a nation have been content to graze on the plains of mediocrity for far too long. in 1965 things were different but here and now we have a huge number of people on the dole and doing nothing to change their situation. The devil exists.

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