Ferguson Riots the Cancer of Hate.


I know it probably has no meaning to you but you might want to think for a moment about the lives you are destroying in your quaint little town. You have destroyed the livelihood of many business owners, jobs of many of your own people and shown yourselves for the animals that you are. I have seen feral animals act with more understanding of right and wrong than I have seen from you. You have turned on your own and done it obviously quite willingly, you have destroyed any sense of community in favor of showing your true desire to destroy that which is not yours. You will be the first ones to complain when you have to pay for what you have done and most likely you will be the last ones to pitch in to rebuild what you have destroyed.

Do you honestly think you are doing something that will benefit you or is it as I suspect you think the Mob-Rules mentality will work out well for you. You are traitors in the eyes of the lawful people of your community. The first chance you get you use it to fracture the community. It is not about Michael Brown, it is about lawlessness plain and simple and you should all be ashamed for the damage you have done and your threats to continue if you don’t get revenge. From what we know now Michael Brown set the wheels of fate in motion. For Michael Brown’s parents take a page of history from Rodney King and speak up to quell the violence, looting, and destruction. If you parents cared about the legacy of your child, then call for a stop to all the lawlessness. For those of you in Ferguson that believe you can hold the town hostage with your threats of continued mayhem Hell has a vacancy! Michael Brown was high, he had just strong-armed a store owner, and then he attacked a police officer trying to gain control of the officer’s gun. Then of course the vermin want to start playing the race card. If you people weren’t so pathetic I might actually feel sorry for your lack of intelligence. You deserve what you get in life and it is your hatred that will be your own undoing. Life is not about racism it is about being a people of honor…Ever heard of the word?



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  2. 1wanderingtruthseeker October 25, 2014 — 1:43 am

    Excellent blog and so true. Black children are taught to hate white people from birth. I have had toddlers say to me , white muther fucki, in the grocery store when they are in the front staring hate at me.

    • There is entirely too much hate spread about in many communities in this nation. I do not feel obliged to accept at or do I believe any loving parent should fill a child with hate. It is a tragedy that a child would so be given such a horrid outlook on life.

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    Thank you, Basharr, for putting this out here for us so we can reblog it! I hope every one does! The truth needs to gets out!

    God bless you, Basharr,
    Rhonda aka nanarhonda

  4. After reading this all the way through, Basharr, I can say, without a doubt, that this community will get what its got coming to it. With A.G. Holder waving the race card like a banner, that is shameful enough, but for the people continue to smash and grab?! If I were a shop owner, I’d leave there, period. But others are committed to stay. To each, his own, I guess. But look at the thanks they get! My guess it was the Arab store owner who wants to stay in the community. Nice thanks he gets. Shameful, just shameful… As I said before, and I’ll say it again, VERY WELL “SAID” AND I AM PROUD TO REBLOG IT! Job well done, my friend! Keep them coming!

  5. Thank you for reblogging it and for your kind words. I do believe that one of the worst atrocities here is also the congress woman fanning the flames of hate instead of doing her best to calm things and assure no more of her constituents is harmed.

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    Basharr’s Outpost: “Ferguson Riots the Cancer of Hate”, Good Read!

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