Terrorism and the Turning of Our Children, How do We Stop It:

Terrorism and the Turning of Our Children, How do We Stop It:

The title alone is enough to turn your stomach but one must ask what is so wrong in this country that our own children can be turned against us by these evil doers like ISIS as well as  Al-Qaida? Recently we have seen three teenage girls caught (Thankfully) after flying to Germany where they eventually hoped to help the terrorists abroad. What is so wrong in this country that a terrorist group that is so brutal and vicious that teenage Americans would be attracted to these monsters?  I cannot remember times like this in our nation where we had to fear that the children we have given life to have raised in loving homes would one day seek to support and even take up arms against their own people.

ISIS, Al-Qaida they want to destroy America and our way of life and yet our children are attracted to them and want to help them, why? I believe it is important we find out what the draw is and how do we protect our children from making the worst mistake of their lives? As parents we raise our kids hopefully to make informed decisions in life and to do their best to remain out of harm’s way. I remember when we used to say the pledge of allegiance in school and it meant something, at least to me. Now we are a nation afraid to speak our mind for fear we might offend people, but let me ask you this, why is it we have mosques in this nation radicalizing Muslims and we are not shutting them down and shipping them back to the countries they came from?

The reality is we have allowed so many people into this country that have no plans of assimilation to our traditions and belief system. Some of these people seek out our children and convert them to become soldiers Islam. Where is the leadership in this nation? Why is there not uproar from our leadership to silence the voices of radical Islam on American soil? I know this started out about our children and it is our children that concern me the most because they are the targets for radicalization, they are young and often quite impressive which can be a dangerous thing. In Canada yesterday there was a lone wolf style terror attack and the terrorist that was killed had recently converted to radical Islam and I think the only form of true protection we can have for our children is to come up with some way to shut down those who would seek to indoctrinate our children with the belief of radical Islam.

Maybe we are seeing a point in this nation where we have to shut the doors as the immigrants coming here now are often found at the middle of the radical melting pot. We should not feel bad for not wanting people here who would do us and our children harm but yet the leadership in this country is afraid of offending anybody which opens the gates to these radicals to have free reign. Do you know there is no prayer allowed in schools yet Muslim children are given a room and prayer rugs at some schools? But if my American born daughter wants to pray to Jesus at school it is not allowed. We need to make some changes or our children will end up paying the price and frankly the change we need is not in the vocabulary of our current leadership.


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  2. Great topic, I have wondered the same. It’s just like women falling in love (or thank they have) with inmates, murderers, rapists etc. Some end up marrying the Charlie Manson’s.
    Not sure what they are thinking or how they get to that point. Its like the hippies, they were against everything their parents were for.

  3. If you only offer children ONE faith to worship as “politically acceptable”… is it any wonder that they will do so?

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