Reblogged this proudly on Basharrs outpost because people need see it is not justice being sought it is Violence and Revenge.

Arlin Report

Ferguson protesters, rioters, arsonists, trespassers and racist are turning up their threats for an all out war if they don’t get their way,  thanks to a New York Times story that indicated officer Darren Wilson was assaulted in his patrol car, had a struggle over his gun, which was fired hitting M. Brown in the arm.  A 2nd shot from the vehicle apparently missed.

My oh my, Browns blood (DNA) was found on the officer’s gun  according to the FBI investigation.   Officer Wilson is also believed to have stated the same to confirm these findings in addition to his face being scratched and an eye struck from Brown in a struggle in the officer’s car.   Officer Wilson felt threatened and defended himself.  Now seriously you all, don’t you think the police and the hospital took photographs of the officer upon entry into the hospital.  You damn right they…

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