The Incompetent:

Our not so fearless leader has spent much of his time in office trying to convince us or perhaps himself of what he believes himself to be as a leader. He was once marketed as “The new hope” which at some point early on changed to “Hope and Change” which at some point gave way to “Lincolnesque” which at some point there was an attempt at Reaganesque. It gets better I promise, just bear with me, he was the apologist, he also was “The Contemplator” as he could not figure out how many more troops were needed in Afghanistan even though he had a general on scene stating the number he needed to get the job done. He then became Mr. Know-It-All thinking he knew better than seasoned battle hardened Generals by giving them fewer troops than they requested.

At some point here it almost started to look like this was a complex man uncomfortable with the responsibility he had knowingly campaigned for. But as I said “Almost” but not quite. I think what did it for me was him and his staff thinking labeling him as “The Bear”, I mean what the hell is that? He is not Russian, He is not big and menacing and he surely is not imposing, just ask ISIS. Obama is a jumble of catch phrases, ego and insecurity; he is very much the whiney child that does not want to do his homework. He is constantly seeking escape from responsibility and hiding his worries away by playing golf.

He is and should be known as “The Incompetent” He does nothing well besides fundraise and even that is due to the liberal left that time and time again just hands this man a pass and a hand full of cash. Dangerous would also be a good name for him but sadly it is not our enemies who consider him dangerous. He has allowed politics to infest the DOJ, The IRS, The EPA, The CDC, and Benghazi. He seems to have a name for everything but I wonder deep down why on earth he sought to be known as The President of the United States of America a job he seems to hide from like the plague? Which he has allowed to be delivered to our doorstep.


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