Marvel has Killed Thor The God of Thunder!



Okay, they have not killed THOR But they have gone and turned THOR the God of Thunder into Thor the Goddess of Thunder. Yeah you heard that right. So if for this Halloween your son had his heart set on being THOR be prepared for other kids to tease him for dressing up as a girl. I am outraged! Loki will also now be female.

“Who is the new and mysterious woman wielding the Hammer of Mjolnir? Let she who is worthy possess the power of the Mighty Thunderer! Introducing a Thor that the Marvel Universe has ner’ encountered before. But is this new Thor Asgardian, or from Midgard?”

This stinks of political correctness! Marvel has shown one thing, they don’t care about tradition but hey who are we to care. There’s a war on women out there so Marvel is going to exploit it.



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  1. Is this satire? I feel like this is satire. Just in case it’s not, however:

    Thor was not turned into a woman. Instead, a woman is using his hammer, and thus has inherited his power, and is using the name of Thor. The male Thor is also still around, but no longer has his hammer, and will instead be shirtless and carrying a big-ass axe.

    No boy will be mocked for dressing up as Thor, because the movie Thor has a much, much, much wider cultural recognition than the comic book Thor, and the movie Thor is still male. However, having a female Thor in the comics does arguably make it easier for girls to dress up like Thor. Worrying about whether boys will be mocked for dressing up like Thor is a, frankly, idiotic thing to be concerned about. Besides, Lady Thor has a different costume design than male Thor has ever had, and the kids who dress like him for Halloween are clearly going to be wearing the movie-based costume, so who’s going to be saying they’re dressed like a girl?

    Loki is not female. Loki is genderfluid. Usually, he’s male. Sometimes, she’s female.

    This is not “political correctness.” This is the writer, Jason Aaron, wanting to do a story where Thor is unworthy of Mjolnir, and someone else takes up the role. It’s been done in the past, but never with a female (at least in the normal continuity), and Aaron saw a story there. As far as Marvel not caring about tradition goes, ridiculous. They’re often too beholden to tradition. This story is unlikely to last much more than a year, if that long, before the male Thor gets the hammer back and the status quo is restored. Marvel is, at least, trying to diversify their line, in the hope of appealing to a new audience. Considering comic books are becoming increasingly niche even as comic book movies make all the money, that’s a good business decision. If a female taking the identity of Thor brings in some new female readers, then it will have been a good business decision. If Aaron tells an entertaining story, then it will have been a good creative decision.

    • There is a level of satire, yes but this is idiocy plain and simple, I have read the spoilers

      • Do you think it would have been less stupid if it had been another man who’d taken up the hammer, or would you have felt the same way? Back in the ’90s, Eric Masterson replaced Thor. The hammer was famously temporarily wielded by the alien Beta Ray Bill. A piece of Mjolnir is wielded by a frog (who goes by the name of Throg). Captain America has lifted it on a couple occasions. In the future, it’s wielded by a man named Dargo.

        The idea of someone else using Thor’s hammer, and taking on his power, is clearly nothing new. So what is the objection to it being a woman who does it? Maybe the story ends up being good, maybe it doesn’t, but what is it about the idea of a woman taking the role of Thor that’s so objectionable?

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