90 Minutes That May Open Your Eyes, Hillary Tried To Have This Banned


I am not opposed to a female President, what I am opposed to is a female that believes she is owed a Presidency. Especially one who has participated in the cover-up of the atrocity that happened on her watch in Benghazi. Hillary Clinton has blood on her hands and she has refused accountability for the deaths of our Ambassador and the other brave men who died in a terrorist attack in Benghazi. Those were AMERICANS and her reply to congress…”At this point what difference does it make?” Hillary, I believe it makes a huge difference! They begged for help and were left to die. The above video will open many doors Hillary tried to nail shut permanently.



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  1. Perfect…….lets wait a couple of days then reblog. LOL

  2. I’d prefer a male president, although we had some horrid ones (present dolt included), Hillary isn’t qualified… but then, neither was OBam and look how that’s turned out. She is Obam in a pants suite, very little political agenda differences. After all, she had “hillarycare” first. She’s too old, too haggish, too unqualified, too mean, too unlikeable and too close to the Pervert Adulterer, Billy-boy. She needs to do us a favor and go away

    • Agreed, she is all you claim and so much more but mostly she could never be trusted…Ever! She drools at the thought of gaining the white house and like Obama she would make a mockery of the office. Sadly the last two presidential elections were won because an electorate was irresponsible…Never should a human being attain the highest office in the land without being vetted.

      • How many people can you name who have a 45-year work history that does not include even one success? Every job she’s had has either fired her or been overwhelmed by scandal.

      • So friggin true she drives me nuts with this continual BS and as you said scandal, she can’t eat a bowl of oatmeal without starting yet another scandal.

  3. Reblogged this on The Harley Factor and commented:
    Hillary Clinton would be the worst choice of a woman president I can think of. She is a deceptive, evil woman in my opinion.

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