An Icon Remembered

Joan Rivers

Yesterday we lost an Icon, a woman who could make people laugh but as well laugh at herself. There will never be another like her and I think that is great because I cannot count the times she made me laugh which happens to be one of the things I love about life…Laughter. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and I am sure she now knows the warm loving embrace of our loving God.

One of the jokes I remember is from a talk show she was on and she asked the host “Do you keep your eyes open or closed during sex?” The host replied “How about you Joan?” Her reply was “Open, Closed, it doesn’t matter I can’t see through the bag anyways.” Rest in peace dear lady, rest in peace…



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  1. You give her a very nice eulogy here, Basharr. I wish the media would just let it go and leave her family to move through their grief. Before her was Phyllis Diller, what a riot she was! I think the media circus needs to let Joan Rivers rest in peace. I recall her saying about going to all her friends’ funerals and the people saying, “Well, she is in a better place now.” And her rebuttal was, “What do you mean?! She had a place in the Hamptons for crying out loud!” She died of cardiac arrest. Why they need to go and make a huge deal of an 81 yr. old dying of cardiac arrest is beyond me. This could have just as easily happened in her sleep the night before the procedure. They are looking for a villain and there isn’t one. I’m glad she made you laugh. I found her very offensive, especially in her later years. And now what they’ve done with the sweetheart of America, Betty White, in her very old age, doing a TV show that demeans the character she held for so long. It saddens me. She doesn’t need the money. Its the shock factor that the TV shows want. Its a shame. Nice eulogy, Basharr!

  2. Phyllis Diller was awesome! It was reported yesterday that Joan Rivers wanted Meryl Streep at her funeral crying in five different accents. I hate to see stars that were once the staple of morality cheapen their images, I love Betty White I remember her from The Liars Club. Thank you for the kind words.

    • Yes, Joan Rivers did say she wants Meryl Streep to cry in 5 different accents at her funeral! LOL THAT was funny because Meryl Streep has done a pretty convincing job of accents in her movies!

      Phyllis Diller was a riot with her get up and her cigarette holder and glasses. Trademarks!

      Betty White was America’s Sweetheart until this recent Liar’s Club show. That saddens me as it blemishes her long career of being someone to look up to. We don’t have many of those anymore.

      You are most welcome for the kind words, Basharr, as they are well deserved! You have a kind heart!

  3. Celebrity pranks years ago Phyllis Diller blind foldedRichard Simmons he thought it was a birthday party she opened the curtailing was a nudist retreat, I thought Richard was going to have a stroke:-)

  4. He was so embarrassed it was funny as check, might be able to look it up on YouTube.

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