Michelle Obama and Her War On LUNCH.

I am going to tell you now that this grandfather is one pissed off SOB! I have two grand children, both boys the older of the two is Autistic and he just this past week started school. My daughter went to school the first day gave the teacher his lunch which contained a Peanut Butter sandwich, Raisins a carton oh milk and a sippy cup full of water. He came home from school went into the house and the first thing he wanted was water of which he downed three cups. My daughter looked in his back pack and his lunch was still there”untouched”. My daughter called the school and asked why he did not eat his lunch? She was told he did not want his lunch. She pointed out his lunch had not been touched, to this the teacher explained he was given the school Healthy menu lunch which consisted of a carton of milk and a broccoli wrap. My reply to this story is WHAT! What the hell do you mean he got the school healthy menu lunch he had his own food and my daughter opted out of the healthy menu lunches because the boy eats what he likes and broccoli is not on that list. So they decided to let him starve all day. We may ask why not give him the milk? Well being autistic he is set in his ways does things his way and it works. He needs a straw or will not for some reason drink out of a carton.

The school is aware of what they are up against with him and know he drinks with a straw. So they tell my daughter they don’t allow straws. WTF? Look I know this is not all Michelle’s fault but I am quite sure there are a lot of kids in this country that don’t like broccoli. I just don’t understand how people will let a kid sit all day with no food or drink when they know he has the things he will eat in his back pack. Man I am pissed. He did get in trouble as well because he threw his broccoli wrap on the floor. He is such a rebel…I friggin hate broccoli what are these people thinking?



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  1. There is NO excuse for what happened to your grandson! Your daughter needs to make her presence known at lunch time so her son can eat his lunch as she prepared it for him. When parents are present, the school becomes intimidated and aren’t sure how to handle it. And then when you talk to the principal, and then take it to the school board and then make it pubic by putting it in the paper under the letters to the editor’s or whatever her local newspaper has. She has to be polite but proactive. She needs to advocate for him but at the same time she is advocating for all the children in the public school system in her city.

    This is wrong! Michelle Obama has no power to control these things. How she managed to accomplish this is beyond me. More food is wasted than is eaten. This has been proven over and over by other school systems. Opting out should be an option and she obviously did by sending a lunch from home which was a healthy lunch, especially if its one he will eat!

    The school systems should be thankful I don’t have a child in public school today! That’s all I’ll have to say about that!

  2. I will tell you, my wife is somebody none of these schools want o see, she has a reputation, she actually went to school with our daughter and sat in class daily when she had a teacher who was berating her in front of the kids. He called the cops on her and the lone deputy that showed up was a member of the school board and threatened to arrest her.She alerted the board of education and the high school dean is now in prison for lying under oath to a grand jury investigating his use of funds.

    • Just for clarification, the Dean is in jail, not your wife, right? Good for her! If I could, I would do the same damn thing. She has every right to be there. My husband pays a school tax and we don’t have children in school any longer. I’m sure its the same with you. You are tax payers and pay for the public school and have a right to be there. SO PROUD OF MRS. BASHARR!

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