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ISIS is not to be marginalized, to do so would be a mistake. Our President is in far far over his head and refuses any attempt at reason even when he knows his attitude may cost American lives.

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ISIS is a large, well-financed, blood-thirsty army storming unimpeded through Iraq murdering all who do not agree to their repressive demands. They have ravaged Syria, beheaded an American (with two more US captives being threatened), demanded (and received) ransoms from European countries, are in the process of taking over Iraq, and have informed us that they are intent on coming to the U.S. to kill as many as possible, having our open southern border available for easy entry.

Here’s what the Daily Kos, which sees no evil, thinks of ISIS: “You know how much threat ISIS represents to the United States? None…ISIS is a ragtag organization on the far side of the world…ISIS could no more threaten the United States than Lindsey Graham could punch God in the nose…You know what ISIS is? A bunch of politicians…They are not a threat…”

Michael J. Boyle of the NY Times tells…

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  1. Basharr,
    You have to remember that he is one of them. He does have a plan but it isn’t being revealed to “us” but to them. He says on National Television that he does not have a plan. It is already known that our Southern border is wide open. He has effectively disarmed the Border Patrol so when the tanks come rolling in, what’s to stop them? He has shrunk our military by sending pink slips to our leaders in combat! Who had ever heard of our military ever getting pink slips, ever? But Captains are getting pink slips while in combat in Afghanistan. So he is removing the higher ranking leaders so the military that’s left don’t have leadership. I have never heard of our Nation’s military ever getting pink slips.

    Obama is dumb like a fox. He seems like he doesn’t know what he is doing, but he is “changing” America as promised from his campaigns ~ Hope and Change. Only the change he is doing isn’t what We, the People, expected.

    Scared but holding on to my faith,
    Rhonda aka nanarhonda

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