Neverland, The Liberal World where Nothing Bad Ever Happens



As another press conference passes for news our fearless leader again assures us they are doing all they can where the ISIS situation is concerned yet they have no strategy, no contingency plan for anything. I continue to hear in the news cycles that the country is war weary; the public does not have the stomach for another war. There is little to no call for boots on the ground and all in all under a mountain of truth people, not all but many seek refuge in Neverland the place where nothing bad ever happens. Umm, Mr. President what happened to James Foley, What thoughtful words did you have for his family? Does Benghazi ever haunt you at your posh retreat in Neverland?  Do you sleep well at night or are you like other Americans who lay awake and ponder on the deadly direction you have charted for this nation? Seriously to listen to you people might think this nation is in fine shape, but then again the ones truly listening to you reside with you in Neverland because you all think reality will never come knocking.

I have news for you, we “must” find the stomach for another war, we must find the will to do the unimaginable and take back the title of the sole remaining superpower in this world. This should not be a partisan plan but it is because Mr. President you and your followers are completely willing to hide your heads in the sand and give away your freedom without ever making the effort to protect this country and the people of this country. If nothing is done there will come a day when you no longer have the ability to do what is right and just as you will have handed this country over to extremists who delight in the killing and beheading of young children. Our ancestors shed their blood so that you and I and all of America would forever know the taste of freedom. Now that freedom is in jeopardy, not just from an army of vicious terrorists and murderers but from the very likes of you Mr. President, you and your destruction and division of America. You have willingly pitted the people against each other and so smugly looked on from your high towers of Neverland, proudly surveying your brand of politics devised to tear down the fabric of this nation and leave its people to bathe in the pools of despair and agony. Unemployment under your brand of leadership has led this nation in into dire straits.  Can you once, just once take accountability and not blame somebody else for the state of this nation? Your use of executive action though may be in your powers is I am sure an over reach and worse yet seen as a tool by a man who lacks the power and skills a true leader must have, the ability to compromise.

Did you miss the memo while you were golfing in Neverland, did you not notice that Republicans were elected by WE the People knowing it would gridlock congress because it would then stop you from complete implementation of your plan to fundamentally transform America. Why? Because there was nothing wrong with America that could not be fixed, yet now here we are Wolves at the door, people without the will to fight anymore and your plans are what? You have no plans; you are unprepared and with so many people to protect you have lined your administration with more citizens of Neverland. You and your minions have dealt this nation a heavy blow, but your days will come. You will be forced to take action and there is no avoiding it, while you play and laugh the pressure is rising and you are going to find most Americans will not be so forgiving of another 9-11, especially after you have been warned repeatedly again and again that the threat is here you just can’t see it from Neverland.

Step up, come down from your high towers of refuge in Neverland and truly gaze upon your masterpiece as it will haunt you for the rest of your life. I was not so foolish as to check your name on my ballot because reality was plain as day, you have done nothing, run nothing and lead nothing except a little community organizing. Your most frequent vote in the senate was “PRESENT” you did not have the balls to commit to something one way or the other. That is not leadership anywhere in this world but it is acceptable in Neverland. You have done your best to bring this country to its knees but you have forgotten we are Americans and yes our ancestors fought and built this country. No puissant like you is going to ride in on a record of nothing but smoke and mirrors and pronounce he knows the way forward. No not in my lifetime. Six years and what do you have to show for it? Debt, War, Boarder crisis, dead Americans at almost every turn of your inept foreign policy. It is no wonder you seek to hide away on the golf courses of Neverland. You are a failure as commander & Chief in the real world.




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  2. Great post, and worded much better than i could have done.

  3. Thank you I had to tame my language down a bit.

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