Where the Hell is the Media on this story?

A white US Marine went into a Waffle House late at night in West Point, MS. As he went in a black man warned him not to enter because he is white. He went in anyway and was immediately jeered by blacks in the restaurant. He left and went to a nearly vacant Huddle House down the road. However, a mob of about twenty blacks followed him to the Huddle House and brutally attacked him while screaming racial slurs. He was seriously injured and is in a medically induced coma.  Source


So my question is where is the media on this story, why are they so willing to look the other way? A man who laid his life on the line for this country, beaten by a mob because of his skin color. Where is Sharpton to denounce this? Where is Obama to denounce this? Where is Eric Holder to assure this man and his family get justice? The hypocritical media and the race baiters are silent.



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  1. I would bet it never even made the local news………

  2. Sadly you are on point and probably correct.

  3. Wow this is clearly a worldwide problem and not unique to us over here in South Africa!

    The world has gone mad with political correctness!

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