Ebola for criminals

What a moving read, in some ways I can match your words to what goes on in some of the crap-hole cities here in America. Detroit comes to mind among others. Thank you for a glimpse of what goes on elsewhere. Often I think people here forget how much worse it could get. Peace.

Desire Says ...

My blogging mojo went walkabouts for a while. Simply disappeared. Surprisingly enough it was not just taken, like everything else in South Africa where what’s yours is everybody else’s for the taking…. Because the concept of working for what you want is totally sci-fi fantasy around here. From thieving corrupt politicians right down to the scumsucking garbage that trolls the streets looking for the next target to break / steal / vandalise / destroy, the rest of the populace is forced to live in self-imposed prisons, with high walls and electric fences.

I think in most countries across the world, the citizens generally wish to work hard to obtain a higher and better living standard for everyone, the goal is to ELEVATE an entire country’s population to live better, have more, to aim higher. In South Africa I feel like the goal is to drag the entire population DOWN to…

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