Alexandra Pelosi Questions Welfare Queens For seeking Obama Bucks.

Pelosi demo Pelosi demoAfter Bill Maher debuted a clip last week from Nancy Pelosi’s filmmaker daughter interviewing stereotypical “redneck” Mississippi residents about their political views, Alexandra Pelosi unveiled a new clip during his HBO show Friday night, this time exposing so-called “welfare queens” in New York City.

The latest clip, which Maher predicted was “the thing that will make liberals go insane,” featured Pelosi’s interviews with a series of people outside an inner welfare office, most of them black and unapologetic about taking their government handouts despite being able-bodied and physically able to work.

First, here is the portion that aired last week, featuring white Mississippi residents calling President Barack Obama a Muslim and admitting to not liking him because he’s black: SOURCE


Sadly The videos have both been purged which is typical of the liberal agenda, remove all that exposes them as the idiots they actually are. The woman actually acts like she has some brains but then back-peddles pulling the all telling videos down. Liberal weakness at its best.



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  1. OMG, like mother like daughter………… I bet Nancy sent her to Stanford.

  2. Without a doubt, She was interviewed about the 6.5 earthquake and went on and on about the tragedy of the loss of vintage wines, while not far from her a number of peoples trailers burnt to the ground.

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