A Steak Dinner With Robin Williams


Perhaps the title of this post is a little misleading, to be clear I never had a steak dinner with Robin Williams. I did however as a cabby pick up a steak dinner for him from one of San Francisco’s famous steak houses. At the time I got the call to pick up a steak dinner in my cab I had no idea it would be for anybody famous and I grumbled to myself it would be a long drive where fair would be paid but likely not a large tip to the tips I would be losing on the drive.

When I arrived at my destination and exited the cab with my steak cargo a man came out of the home and met me about half way to the door. I knew who it was immediately when we were face to face. It was somewhat exciting to meet him but what I remember most is he seemed shy, slipped me $50.00 and told me I worked too hard, then took his steak dinner and went into his home. That was it, but I have told this story a number of times over the years since that night. In fact it is one of those stories my friends are tired of hearing.

The years have gone by, I no longer drive a cab, and Robin Williams no longer walks among us. I am saddened by the choice he made and for the life of me I wish we could turn back time. I only hope he has perhaps found his peace. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and I hope they find some way to understand the choice Robin made in leaving this world behind.



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