Illegal Immigration!!! Look at how beautiful it is..

If anybody needs to understand the problem many American Citizens have with ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION then perhaps a first hand view of what these people do to American soil and how they leave behind a disgusting trail of trash and filth. If this were washing up on the shores of California or being left in Yellowstone Park there would be a media uproar…However it is not being cried about by anybody in the media nobody is saying much about it at all. At least not until now because it could no longer be covered up by this administration. Yet people wonder why Arizona, Texas,New Mexico, California, are fed up? I am 100% in favor of legal immigration, the steps to take are in place I urge anybody to use the legal process and I will welcome them into the fold. This country can no longer be treated like there is an open door policy.

This is the respect Illegal Immigrants from Mexico have for the lands of the United States of America. Is it any wonder that some people have a problem with Illegal Immigration. The Federal Government refuses to do anything about this and these are our lands that this slime are destroying. Where is the media where are all those US citizens who work in the media? Where are your  cries about this? Why does this not make you want to scream out?

To be honest this issue should be laid at the feet of our president as it is he who does not truly enforce our borders and has basically opened the door to mass numbers of children who are now filling our facilities far, far beyond intended capacity. Immigrants bring disease’ is an old prejudice, but it turns out some of the thousands of children streaming across the border have brought H1N1 with them.There are also children with scabies, tuberculosis, hep c, and other infectious medical problems. Now I am not blind I know our borders have been neglected over the years but now more than ever we cannot afford to have such porous borders and not just over health concerns but also national security issues. Terrorists can see now how easy it is to enter this country illegally, why does this President not execute his job faithfully and secure our sovereign borders?

Respect for America


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    Obama, you can bring them back to clean up their damn mess.

    • I agree they should be forced to clean up and then deported New post will be out tomorrow about Illegals and crime in America, the stats are jaw dropping.

      • Be looking for it, thanks for your response and following.

      • Most illegals are victims of crimes. God, enough with securing the borders already! I live in a college town of 6,000 in West Texas and the only way they can pay back student loans is by joining the Border Patrol! My life has been nothing but borders: El Paso, TX, East/West German border (Wildfleken), the Crimea and the border between Russia and Ukraine. My last teaching job was in Siberia on the border with Mongolia!

      • Do you know the number attached to outstanding felony murder warrants is something like 80% are attributed to Illegal Aliens. You may have had enough with borders but our borders are important and it is time they were dealt with. How many billions of dollars are spent annually to aid people who have chosen to enter our country under the radar? Allowing them to stay is a slap in the face to those who took the time and showed the respect to come here legally.

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    Illegal Immigration!!! Look at how beautiful it is..

  3. Obama is trying to turn America into a filthy Third World country.

  4. That is nowhere near the amount of trash that “Americans” left all over the beaches, streets, lakes and streams while celebrating on the 4th of july. We always celebrate the independence and forget all about the great amount of human death that occurred over “freedom”. We are not free. Anything with a number tag aka a social security number is not free. Why are animals tagged? To track their existence with the illusion of freedom. We are no different.

    • I guess the point is these are our lands, you are free to purposely damage something that is yours but you can’t purposely damage something belonging to your neighbor. Yes irresponsible people suck and littering is a crime. It truly pisses me off that people come here illegally and if that wasn’t enough they destroy our lands. That says to me “No Respect”.

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