Barack Obama hates the American Constitution — a Founding Document he has sworn to uphold and defend.

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Barack Obama has achieved extraordinary political success in our country by pursuing an unapologetic bullying style — he breaks our laws and tramples our government and its institutions, but gives no apology, shows no remorse, and has no shame.

On the contrary, the more he destroys, the more he is emboldened, and it’s not hard to see why: he won re-election against Mitt Romney, a centrist Republican (Romneycare…) and an honest, successful man who loves his country. If you voted for Barack Obama, you gave him license to go right on being the Laszlo Toth of our time.


A pliant media has made it much easier for him to do his dirty deeds, but this week he lost a lot of cover as the Supreme Court unanimously ruled against his unconstitutional recess appointments. The most Liberal commentators lost their voices when even the Liberal Justices went against their man (a unanimous ruling…

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