Is this Harry Reid’s Last Stand? It should Be!

I am sure most of you have heard of Cliven Bundy and his stand off with the BLM over grazing rights. Well yesterday Harry Reid spoke publicly and labeled the supporters of Mr. Bundy as “Domestic Terrorists”  Now i don’t know about you but I dislike it when any elected official hands out labels like that on American Citizens. Further I would ask who owns the Federal Government? answer…We The People! That being the case, then whose land is it really that his cattle have been grazing on? We the People. BLM has rounded up his cattle during calfing time causing numerous calf’s to be separated from their mothers, He has lost numerous head of cattle which has impacted his ability to conduct business. The cattle rounded up were taken to Utah where officials there chose not to accept them on principal alone. This is not how we treat our own. Harry Reid you are supposed to represent we the people and I hope this costs you your job. I would ask who are the ones truly acting like domestic terrorists here?


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