Our Constitution Is Under Fire, No Matter How You Vote This Should Scare You!


It is no secret that I am a conservative I believe our leaders are bound to uphold the constitution of The United States of America. If the words of Chuck Schumer (D) do not scare you, they should. When an elected official is openly speaking of using the IRS to silence any political body then that official is calling for a violation of the Constitutional rights. You may be an independent, a Democrat, A Tea Party Member, a Libertarian or a Republican it should be viewed as a scary thing that Mr. Schumer believes it is acceptable to use the IRS to intimidate and silence groups he does not share the same ideology with. This not the Cold War era Soviet Union, this is not Cuba, hell this not Iran, Syria or any of those other countries that “Dictate” and rule with an iron fist. No Chuck this is America and you have strayed of the path of Freedom and the American Dream. What Mr. Schumer is threatening is a form of purposeful oppression. So I wonder why with all his constitutional knowledge has our President not stepped up and called for an end of this sort of action by members of his own party? Every person elected to the presidency, the senate, and the congress swears an oath to uphold the Constitution. So where in the constitution does it say Mr. Schumer and the Democrats have a “Right” to silence those they disagree with? Wake up people this is wrong no matter what party you vote for…Unless you are voting Communist.

We The People need to put our foot down and make our voices heard.



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  1. Schumer does not engage his brain when speaking. Since most understand that he is pretty toothless except for in N.Y. which is a lost cause anyway.

  2. Agreed though it is something that people should be aware of.his treats to use the IRS as he suggested flies in the face of what is sound and ethical. It also speaks to a level of arrogance that is a bit perverse regarding his obvious disdain for his oath to uphold the constitution..

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