13 Democrats believe that women are so weak that Climate Change Will Drive Them to Prostitution…REALLY?

Dem Rep Barbara Lee California

Failing to address climate change could drive women into prostitution, said 13 House Democrats who signed a resolution saying women are affected more negatively than men by the dramatic weather shifts. The claim comes from the argument that climate change hampers farmers and that most farmers in developing countries are female, Rep. Barbara Lee, California Democrat, said in The Hill that “food insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage that put them at risk for HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancy and poor reproductive health.”
Moreover, climate change could turn entire populations into refugees — again, affecting women the most, the resolution suggested, as Newser reported.
Hurricane Katrina, after all, displaced “over 83 percent of [the area’s] low-income, single mothers,” the resolution said, as Newser reported. Congress, therefore, should use “gender-specific frameworks in developing policies to address climate change,” the resolution advised. Source


I have to wonder at how people like Barbara Lee and 12 other members of her party get elected. Are there truly people out there that await her every word with baited breath? This post is not about climate change, it is about the party that continues to claim there is a war on women believing that women are so damned weak they can only survive climate change by turning to prostitution. I get it though, the Democratic Party is seeking yet more dependents in order to hold on to power in the 2014 elections so why not attempt to drive home some fear into the women voters hoping these women will bite believing in this far-fetched theory about Climate Change and Prostitution? What gets me is the gall of these people that they get paid out of our taxes to hose us down with verbal Bull-Crap They lack morality and ethics, just once I would like to see something out of Ms. Lee that lets me know her elevator goes all the way to the top floor.

I know plenty of women and I mean PLENTY and I don’t know of any so weak as the Democrats would portray them as. Women are strong quite self reliant, I mean they give birth and raise children often while working full time jobs and my hat is off to them. No, sorry Dems you are trying to cash a bad check here and the women that I know are not about to fall for your song and dance. But here is something more telling, “Hurricane Katrina, after all, displaced “over 83 percent of [the area’s] low-income, single mothers,” Well Ms. Lee, How many of those women have turned to prostitution due to displacement? You see Ms. Lee makes statements she cannot back up with facts, numbers or any other statistic that is supported by stated evidence that can be validated.


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