Duck Dynasty Patriarch Suspended Indefinately…Why?

Phil Robertson


Well here we are Phil Robertson is questioned for a GQ article and up pops the question about his feelings about homosexuality, what did he do, well he replied honestly about his feelings concerning homosexuality. Anybody who has seen this man preach knows he is not going to pull his punches and he is going to speak from the heart and honestly. Sadly too many people in this country fear truth and would rather have some politically correct smoke blown up their backsides. Phil Robertson has been suspended from the show for being honest for exercising his right to free speech and you know what? It pisses me the hell off.Anybody who has ever seen the gay pride parade in San Francisco knows that gays go out of their way to attack religion at those parades. So here we have Phil the patriarch of the duck dynasty family speaking his mind, being true to the way of life set out for us by God and Phil’s honesty is what people dislike.

I don’t get it is being warm and fuzzy more important than truth? I hope Phil Robertson knows what he did and said took strength because he had to know the crap was going to hit the fan. The hate police our out in force over this and even calling for companies to sever ties with the Robertson family. So this is what we get, no honesty wanted, needed, or accepted. Just blow that smoke and keep everybody “Happy, Happy, Happy!

Thank you Phil for not being inclined contribute warm and fuzzy words. The truth carries so much more power and when all is said and done I salute you for your unwillingness to bow down.


What has happened in this country that a man risks all by choosing to be honest in his personal feelings about homosexuality?



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  1. Don’t dare to exercise your 1st Amendment rights.

    • If anything the reaction to Mr. Robertsons views only makes me want to press the 1st amendment even harder. I am not caving on my rights so some yodel can feel better. This is America we are born and raised on truth and Freedom

  2. I agree and it is getting to the point where we can’t even disagree without being viewed as “hateful” Sad actually… Well written article. -OM

    • It is a sad state when exercising one’s rights is slowly becoming a thing of the past. I was pleased to to see the family stand with him and lay it on A&E We can’t see the show going forward without our patriarch. Cash cow for A&E I would venture a guess the main fan base of the show are not members of the LGBT…?

  3. When I read the GQ article to find out what all the hoopla was about..I smiled when I read about Phil’s confusion regarding why a man would want to be with another man sexually. If people were honest…they have wondered the same thing..he was just open and honest enough to say it.

    Gays are always on the defensive..sometimes they are right and other times they cry “hate statements” when you disagree with them. They go over the top in some cases and it’s too bad because then their own cause is diminished by foolish finger pointing. My stepson is gay and he knows that although we love him to death and will fight for his rights…we do not understand why he prefers men…we’re honest about it. So was Phil.

    So, let’s give the guy a break and move on to more important things, like is “Mob Wives” going to return for another season! 🙂

  4. If you have ever seen the gay pride parade in San Fran you will see that many gays exercise little tolerance but expect it at the same time. I wonder why one has to announce being gay, in my life I never felt the need to announce I was straight. Mob wives…lol seems half the cast is under indictment…LOL Mob Wives! Live from Pelican Bay State Prison! =)

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