Another Obamacare Lie Exposed; Reblogged From

Barack Obama continues to lie about Obamacare as he lamely attempts to deflect attention away from his Big Lie (“You can keep your coverage…”).

The crux of his latest lies is that people who have been terminated from their existing insurance can go on to and get even better coverage than they had before, and for less money!!

Put aside that no one is able to do anything on except have his or her time wasted as the site crashes and burns, and assume that you could actually get through the application process and “start shopping and comparing”, as the Manchurian keeps encouraging you to do.

What would you find?

Here is one result as reported in Obamacare Odyssey: month-long effort to log onto

Since Oct. 2, Miami resident Nick Athanassiadis has spent several hours a day—nearly every day—on the Internet repeatedly trying to create an account on the federal Obamacare marketplace to see if insurance plans being sold there might be less expensive than his current coverage.

Then, he was finally able to shop for plans and view what his coverage would cost. And he quickly realized, he won’t be buying an Obamacare plan.

“The bottom line is: None of these plans even come close to the one that I signed up for on Sept. 1″ with Cigna, he said.

“I’m now paying $750 per month,” he said. But the cheapest plan with the closest comparable benefits he found on was a Florida Blue plan that would cost $957 per month. That’s more than 27 percent above what he pays for the Cigna plan now.

And the Florida Blue plan has a $5,000 deductible, compared with the $4,000 deductible he has currently with Cigna, Athanassiadis noted. Other Florida Blue plans that he checked out on the site had even-higher premiums, including one that cost $1,231 per month.

Asked how he felt upon learning his month-long odyssey had been for naught, Athananssiadis laughed ruefully. “I don’t have the words,” he sighed. “I don’t have the words.”

“Why’d we have to go through that?” he said.

This man is unequivocally worse off, which once again shines the light of truth on Obama’s lying.

Very soon, we will all be worse off.

And what an interesting question at the end there: Why’d he have to go through that, and why do we all have to now go through it?

Answer: because a plurality of Americans naively believed all the lies and re-elected a Marxist America-hating man to the presidency while rejecting a moderate Republican.

Answer: because John Roberts upheld the “individual mandate”, a decision that will live in infamy, until the circumstances surrounding such a surprise decision are revealed to us.


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  1. hey some liberal journalist from the NY Times said there will be death panels …. hmmm maybe the scum bag should apologize to the lovely Sarah Palin

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