Dose the Obama administration ever take accountability for anything they do poorly?

  • HITTING BACK at critics calling for her to resign, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says Republican efforts to delay and defund ObamaCare contributed to the federal health care website’s glitch-ridden debut.
  • Appearing on MSNBC today, former VT governor and one-time Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean blamed Republicans for the disastrous Obamacare roll-out.
  • Daily Kos headline, Congratulations Republicans, your Obamacare sabotage has screwed over millions.


These are just a few of the headlines and it makes me wonder why nobody in the Obama administration will ever take responsibility for anything they do that goes wrong? How many hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on the Obamacare website? When they tested it with only hundreds of people trying to sign on and it crashed what steps did they take to fix or delay the roll-out? Look I know we conservatives get the blame for everything but isn’t it time for the President to put on his big boy pants and man up? How about Kathleen Sebelius, how many years has she had to assure this website would work? When are we going to see accountability from the Democrats who voted this atrocity into law?

What steps taken by the GOP to delay, defund or repeal passed in the house and the senate both? NONE, None of the steps taken worked so how is it the GOP are being blamed because of flaws in the roll-out of Obamacare? Wanting to defund, delay or repeal has no affect if it does not pass in both houses which it did not. So again please tell me how it is the GOP’s fault that the Obamacare website is not up to task?

What we have here is the classic story of the grasshopper and the ant in this case the Obama administration spent the last few years telling us how great, how cost effective, how awesome Obamacare was going to be and what do we see? Skyrocketing premiums, people who need medical insurance unable to sign up, insurance companies dropping patients, doctors dropping patients, this was the Democrats baby from start to finish, every step the GOP took to stop it was shot down so again who’s fault is it really? the Grasshopper (Obama administration) spent so much time telling us how great Obamacare would be and took very few steps to make that dream a reality. What the Ant (GOP) did was steadfastly warn that premiums were going to go up, costs would go up and people would be dropped by doctors and insurances companies as well?

I have some friends, my friends wife has MS they were paying $400 a month for their insurance premium their premium has now gone up to $700 a month. So much for Preexisting conditions and what is worse is none of the drugs his wife takes are covered under this new plan so that means another HUGE hit to the wallet monthly. I don’t like to see anybody not having access to medical care but how this unaffordable care act was put together leaves  those of us with common sense asking “Well what the hell did you truly expect?” The problem is there was no common sense put into this monstrosity  and it shows at every step of the way. My wife and I lost our doctor about 2 months ago over the coming of Obamacare, the doctor we had been going to dropped our insurance coverage and we aren’t alone.

So here we are, stuck with “The Law Of The Land” and people are getting hours cut at work, insurance coverage dropped, rates skyrocketing and nobody in power willing to stand up and take accountability.

There is a fix though, but misdirected pride and an inability to admit  failure will stop us from ever seeing the fix as we watch the greatest healthcare system in the world be dismantled in favor of a pipe dream.

I am sure many of you remember how expensive Automobile Insurance used to be right? but then congress passed a bill allowing Insurance companies to cross state lines and what this did is open up competition and thus rates dropped and everybody could then afford car insurance. Right now the situation is this medical insurance is sold state by state and if we did with medical insurance like we did with car insurance we would see the same changes take place and healthcare would be affordable.

Besides Affordable Health Care this country is in dire need of responsible and accountable Leadership.

Remember this famous line; “We Have to pass this so you can see whats in it”?


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