I know its Just a Movie….



I watched this 35 second scene the other day, it is from the movie “Olympus Has Fallen” A story of the White House being taken down by Terrorists. Of course I know its just a movie, but I have to say the vision of Old Glory being taken down and tossed away like it was a piece of garbage really struck an emotional note that was somewhat haunting and to be honest, Uncomfortable. I just thought I would share my feelings here and see what other people think about the emotion behind this scene. For me it is a vision I hope to God never comes to pass.



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  1. I haven’t seen the movie, but the scene is very moving…and scary. We, as Americans, have been attacked by foreign terrorists, but we have never had an all out takeover…and I hope we never will. Movies such as “Independence Day” and “Red Dawn come to mind (o.k….so one is aliens) and each time I see a movie like that, I am terrified that someday the U.S. might have to fight for it’s very existence.

    I think it is that small possibility that we would have to fight a war on our own lands that makes scenes like this so moving!

  2. The move is very good especially if you like action, the silence, the dance of the flag was artistically done and truly struck a chord with me. I am huge on patriotism and to be honest worried with the state of this nation.I think that played a part in what I described as uncomfortable.

  3. BTW We are fighting a war on our own soil, sadly it is over political ideology, gone are the days we could agree to disagree and still carry on with the busines of the country.

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