Navy SEALs VS Ninjas; Who is Quieter?



A little boy now has the answer to a puzzling question: Are Navy SEALs quieter than ninjas?

And he got resolution courtesy of an unlikely source – the commander of America’s special forces himself.

Six-year-old Walker Greentree reportedly grew flummoxed over the till-now unsolved debate after his mother, Vivian Greentree, hushed him while playing with a friend by saying, “Be quiet like a SEAL.”
Greentree hails from a military family – and so the manner in which his mother couched the rebuke is not surprising.



But Business Insider reports that Walker’s chum – who is 7 – immediately and keenly retorted, “Ninjas are quieter than SEALs,” thus sparking the debate between the friends.

To Walker’s credit, he reportedly took it upon himself to settle the argument by going to an authoritative source.

He wrote a letter to Admiral William McRaven, a former Navy SEAL and commander of U.S. Special Operations Command, responsible for overseeing the special-ops components of the military’s myriad armed services.

Surprisingly, McRaven replied to the youngster with a missive of his own, writing, “To answer your questions: I think ninjas are probably quieter than SEALs, but we are better swimmers, and also better with guns and blowing things up.”

McRaven also added, “I can hold my breath for a long time, but I try not to unless I really have to.”

The military chief then closed with some words of wisdom, specially suited for Walker, who reportedly aspires to become a SEAL.

“Remember, if you want to be a SEAL, you must do two things: listen to your parents and be nice to the other kids. If you do that then you can probably be a SEAL, too.” SOURCE


I think this is a great story and it speaks to kindness, inspiration, and American Values. This top ranking military official was not bound to reply to this child, but he did and he did so in a manner that may truly inspire this child in later life. When we look at the rhetoric coming from our president and many of our elected officials where terms are being used such as Anarchists, Jihad, Gun to the head, terrorists, etc. I hope people read this story as it is a reminder as to how kind Americans are supposed to be.



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  1. It is heartwarming to hear of an important, busy military leader to take the time to reach out and communicate his value system with a youngster. I also commend this youngster for his initiative in seeking an answer to his question.

    This story made my day! Thanks for sharing!

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