Charlie Rangel/ White Crackers, Terrorists, Racists

Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel accused Tea Party members of being the “same group” of “white crackers” who opposed civil rights in an interview with the Daily Beast.

On the Tea Party: “It is the same group we faced in the South with those white crackers and the dogs and the police. They didn’t care about how they looked. It was just fierce indifference to human life that caused America to say enough is enough. ‘I don’t want to see it and I am not a part of it.’ What the hell! If you have to bomb little kids and send dogs out against human beings, give me a break.”

In the same interview he compared House Republicans to “terrorists” but heaped praise on Chris Christie.

Rangel is a controversial figure who was re-elected in 2012 after being censured for ethics violations. He’s also an influential House member, as Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means.

Niger Innis, a black Tea Party leader, has strongly condemned Rangel. “It is not surprising that lazy, shiftless politicians [like Rangel] who have an abysmal record for their community would want to diffuse the issue of what they are doing for their communities by dropping the race card,” said Innis, chief strategist for and spokesman for the civil rights group the Congress of Racial Equality, which worked towards desegregation in the 1960s. SOURCE


I have to ask here and now, is this what we want from the people elected to serve “US”? Isn’t Charlie using the words “White Crackers” like a white person using the “N” word? Is there a difference and please explain how you would try to justify this if you don’t think it is wrong. I am tired of the race card, I am tired of being called a racist because I “Disagree” with the direction Barack Obama is taking this country. I don’t care what color he is it is my right to disagree without being labeled a racist. But the liberal left don’t want people to have free voice, they want people to be afraid of being labeled and remain silent. People like Charlie Rangel need to be sent packing along with Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, the race hustlers need to go, they do nothing positive for this country and if they weren’t always fanning the flames we would be a much better country.



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  1. Well Charles seems to be a bit racist To me

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