Sorry Mr. President We, Don’t Buy The Phony Scandal BS.

This week we have seen President Obama come out and bold-face lie to the people of this nation. On the presidents watch we have several scandals that are anything but phony! Fast&Furious we have dead Americans and he says phony and yet uses “Executive Privilege” to silence that scandal. Benghazi, again we have dead Americans and then secretary of state floated the BS line about it being a spontaneous reaction to a youtube video.  We have Obamacare which is a law and now because he is encountering problems he wants to suspend certain parts of the law, in case you have not noticed Mr. President you cannot pick and choose which parts of the entire law you are willing to enforce. Oh how about the IRS’s targeting of conservatives, they have admitted to doing it and yet Mr. president you still want to call it a phony scandal…The IRS violated numerous rights granted to us in the Bill of Rights…So I wonder exactly what are these “Phony Scandals”? If you ask me I think the biggest phony of them all is you Mr. President, you lie on a continuous basis and you have the nerve to slander people seeking to hold you accountable for the BS job you are doing. Oh I almost forgot about the NSA, the Drones, your complete support for the head of the DOJ who is doing everything he can to violate the rights of American citizens. The AP scandal….just adding wood to the fire.

This country needs true leadership and should not suffer at the hands of a fool hell bent on shirking accountability and responsibility.


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