Zimmerman Verdict, threats, protests, and lawlessness.

A sign of the times


I have to say I did not think George Zimmerman would be acquitted, my line of thought had nothing to do with the evidence that was most obviously lacking, but rather I was sure the race-baiters had done the damage and was sure it could not be overcome. The incident that lead to the trial and the eventual acquittal was a tragedy don’t get me wrong, however in all reality this case under most circumstances never would have become something the entire nation would be watching. In my honest opinion the name Zimmerman lead many to believe that George Zimmerman was a White man. Reality never lies Zimmerman was not a white man, he is Hispanic and that pretty much set the Race-Baiters up to be seen for what they truly are. People who do not care about right and wrong but rather, people with an agenda. If they cared about right and wrong they would be up in arms about the extremely high percentage of Black-on-Black homicides in this nation.

So, here we are we have been delivered to a point in time where the case has been tried, the verdict has been handed down and protesters want to make threats, harm and destroy things and never once think about honoring the legacy of Mr. Martin. Our justice system may not be perfect, but weren’t the Race-Baiters looking a verdict before this case ever went to trial? I am glad they were denied, yet my heart hopes that the Martins are able to find peace in their lives. No parent should outlive their child. Justice rarely serves two sides equally, thats the bottom line.


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