Gun Control…This Is Exactly Why I Support The Second Amendment. Be Prepared To Protect Your Family and Your Home!



Sadly this stuff happens, Americans have rights, one is to arm themselves to protect themselves and their families from monsters like this.



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  1. This was the most disturbing video I’ve seen in a long time. But, I doubt if there was a gun in the house, the woman would have had a chance to use it unless it was in that living room. This creep needs to be put away for life for nothing less than attempted murder. That poor child had to watch her mother get severely beaten and she will bear those scars all her life. I just thank the Lord that the punk got out before he killed anyone. This type of psychopath will escalate until he does. Let’s hope they catch him soon.

    • Yes my friend it is a disturbing video, it enraged me that this monster was so cold and so brutal, whats worse is such a clear picture of him and he is still at large.A gun could have made the difference, but the point is if we left it up to some politicians there would be no gun to make a difference. Please note i said “some” not all…lol I know gun control as it is being proposed is not about zero gun policy, but it could be seen as the first step in that direction. I wan Americans to be aware of their rights under the Constitution, the beauty of all rights is one does not have to exercise them if one is against them, but one should not seek to deny others their rights because they have made a personal choice not to exercise said right. Was reading your reblog today considering submitting something I have been working on. Peace.

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