You Can’t Help People…I’m Disgusted!

This is just one video, but the issue is rampant, you cannot help people because all too often help becomes exploitation. This phone program is for lower income people to be able to have a phone. LifeLine allows you a low rate phone in your home or a low rate cell phone. It is not just this phone program it is food stamps, welfare, general assistance, medicaid, etc, etc.

I understand not everybody abuses government assistance but far too many do. Food Stamps should not be allowed to be used for fast food, stores that convert the snap card into cash should have their business license revoked and the people using the snap card should lose coverage. I took a neighbor up to the welfare dept to get his food stamps started as he is recovering from a stroke and has zero income at the moment. So we get there and I look at the people standing in line and they are wearing $100 shoes, name brand jeans, their nails are done up, many of them look like they live well, very well.

Maybe it is just me, I am not rich, I am not even well off, but I live within my means and don’t seek handouts. I am not against people needing handouts getting them as help should go to those in need, truly in need. But as we see in this video, it is becoming harder and harder to help people because of the scum that take advantage of of the system that was set up for people in need.



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  1. No matter how the government tries to help the needy, there will always be those who abuse the system. And, the sad thing is that those people are taken and made examples of when there are so many real people in need. I must say, this video didn’t actually shoot any footage of people getting the free phones and then filmed selling them. A real journalist would have to dig deeper to see if fraud was being ignored or not. Just my two cents though.

    Having been a single mom on welfare, it always hurts me to see the real people with real needs be grouped in with the abusers of the system. What does concern me is how the CEO of a free phone company funded by the government makes 1 million a year.

    • A million a year, that gets my goat, I could open a store tomorrow and offer these same phones and get paid a commission for each one I handed out, this is the problem commission based pay tends to encourage getting as many phones as possible out there whether people need them or not. Government aid and fraud are constant bedfellows sadly it cannot be avoided. It just drives me to see people in need often denied while those who know how to game the system often rake in the benefits. For instance my oldest daughter works hard, so does her husband but they do not qualify for medicaid yet don’t make enough money to be able to afford decent health insurance. The system is not balanced towards fairness or towards honesty. Little is done to crack down on those gaming the system. My wife and I have a friend she is a younger woman with two children and she got section 8 housing, her check got lost in the mail and she got evicted and the county told her to reapply for her section 8 and they would expedite her application….8 months later and she is still moving from friend to friends homes to stay. The system needs a rebuild and it needs to be geared towards helping while safeguarding against fraud…No easy task.

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