Eighth Grader Arrested Over Pro Gun NRA T-Shirt =The fall of America

My first thoughts here are Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression! Now what I want to know is are the people running this school the types of people we want teaching our kids? Do we want our kids taught that constitutional rights mean nothing if it goes against misguided political ideology? What kind of judge allows charges and prosecution to go forward on this? You see this troubles me because I was born and raised in a different America than the one we live in now. We are becoming a nation that is no longer recognizable you can be for or against gun control, but isn’t it taking things way over the edge when a boy can be jailed for wearing a shirt? Madness, simply madness. As usual the accountability of school officials is no comment.

I guess the choice is get angry let people know this is not right and this is not what we want in our America or to submit and become sheeple of the new republik of Amerika…

The West Virginia eight-grader arrested and suspended over his National Rifle Association T-shirt with an image of a firearm is now facing a $500 fine and a year in jail.

A judge is allowing prosecutors to move forward with charging Jared Marcum, 14, with obstructing an officer, WOWK-TV reported.”


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