7 Minutes and 54 seconds the Nation needs to See and Hear



I have to say listen to this woman her words and her understanding that this IRS scandal did not just affect Conservatives but it was a strike at the heart of our Constitution and our rights. We have an administration unwilling to truly deal with “We the People” in an honest and Constitutional manner. It is not about left and right or partisan politics, it is about the erosion of the greatest nation on earth!

Becky Gerritson lays it on the line before congress and she points out truths many in this nation are unwilling to admit too. For her words she is without a doubt a patriot who loves and mourns for this country. At tomes she fought to contain her emotions, who can blame her she is fighting for this country with her testimony she is offering truth people need to see. Right or Left the IRS has failed America and people need to understand that. Our rights have been trampled on and people need to care about that as we are ALL AMERICANS!


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