So Sequester Would bring This Nation Down? Explain This Craziness…


The budget cuts known as sequestration were supposed to wreak havoc, forcing the shrinking of critical workforces including airport security officers and food inspectors.
But since sequestration kicked in March 4, the government has posted openings for 4,300 federal job titles to hire some 10,300 people.

The median position has a salary topping out at $76,000, and one-fourth of positions pay $113,000 or more, according to an analysis by The Washington Times of federal job listings.
Altogether, the jobs will pay up to $792 million per year. Including job postings that have been open since before sequestration, the government is in the market for 27,000 employees who will make up to $1.8 billion a year. SOURCE


Included here are job positions for a golf instructor, recreation aides and, One position in Hawaii pays up to $110,000!!!!!

Our government is too damn big, we are in debt and read the article and see how blind our government is to the debt they have accumulated, I mean come on where are the people with vision that know this is wrong and people in government are not the upper class at our expense. Our taxes being squandered on bowling allies and golf instructors…Did somebody not get the memo stating “WE ARE BROKE!” Obama cannot keep his behind out of a scandal and here he is standing watch and obviously looking the other way. It is time for TRUE LEADERSHIP in this Nation and not an empty seat that knows nothing, sees nothing and hears nothing.




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