Two-thirds of senators to vote on U.S.-Mexico border without having seen it. Why are we rushing forward?

Border Trash 1BorderTrash_02

Border security is a key sticking point in this year’s immigration debate, but only a little more than one-third of senators have been to the southwestern border during their time in office to get a firsthand look at the security situation, according to a survey of the chamber’s members by The Washington Times.

Of 100 senators, 34 said they have been down to observe the border, 64 senators have not, and two — the Democratic chairman of the Judiciary Committee, which is writing the bill, and the chamber’s Republican leader — refused to answer.

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I have taken the liberty to offer to those that view this post to see the damage being done to our land, these images are taken in Arizona and it shows how these people who our president and his party want to grant amnesty. They treat our land, our country in this fashion. Where is the EPA on this issue….Sadly nowhere! It seems the politicians against securing our border  have never been to the border to see what the real deal is. How can we have any form of immigration reform if the people who will have to vote on the bill have never taken a first hand look at what is happening at the border? The damage is just one aspect that needs to be addressed, we also have to stop the flow of drugs into this country which cannot be done without a secure border. Our government by not securing our border is surrendering our sovereignty.  The images above show the respect these Illegal Aliens have for this country. Why in the hell would we consider AMNESTY until we have stopped the flow of illegals into this country?




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  1. My ancestors came to America on a boat..they worked hard and became citizens, which earned them the same rights as all Americans. I am amazed each time I hear the President or Senator Rubio talk about amnesty for illegal immigrants. Why did my family have to earn the right to be Americans and illegals are just handed all the benefits that come with being a U.S. citizen? I really don’t talk politics..but this is a sore issue with me.

    Illegal immigrants are just that..ILLEGAL!

    • I agree with you I see that our current government seeks to give a pass to all those who came here by illegally crossing our borders, though I wonder have they ever considered how many of those illegals also brought back-packs stuffed with narcotics? I say deport them and let them do what every other naturalized citizen had to do. There should be no amnesty, no parades no key to the city. Illegal in not a race it is a crime. Thanks for your comments Cranky.

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