Reality Check Mr. President.

Moving The Goal Post

To quote President Obama form his press conference today:

“It is true that the sequester is in place right now. It’s damaging our economy, it’s hurting our people and we need to lift it. What’s clear is, is that the only way we’re going to lift it is we do a bigger deal that meets the test of lowering our deficit and growing our economy at the same time, and that’s going to require some compromises on the part of both Democrats and Republicans. I’ve had some good conversations with Republican senators so far. Those conversations are continuing. I think there’s a genuine desire on many of their parts to move past not only sequester but Washington dysfunction. Whether we can get it done or not, you know, we’ll see.”

Notice in this first statement he does not own the sequester as his idea and the fact he signed it into law. Yes Mr. President there is a wish to get something done. But every time you speak you point the finger at the Republican party, can you please explain how continually laying blame on the Republicans is going to make them more willing to compromise with you? The dysfunction in Washington is across the board, the monarch believes he never has to compromise and Democrats and Republicans are at an impasse. Pouring the blame on one party only serves divisiveness which has ben a great tool for the president no matter how much damage it does to the nation.

“But I think, you know, the sequester’s a good example, or this recent FAA issue is a good example. You’ll recall that, you know, even as recently as my campaign, Republicans were saying, sequester’s terrible. This is a disaster. It’s going to ruin our military. It’s going to be disastrous for the economy. We’ve got to do something about it.

Then when it was determined that doing something about it might mean that we close some tax loopholes for the wealthy and the well- connected, suddenly, well, you know what? We’ll take the sequester. And the notion was, somehow, that we had exaggerated the effects of the sequester. Remember? The president’s, you know, crying wolf. He’s chicken little. The sequester? No problem.”

“Then when it was determined that doing something about it might mean that we close some tax loopholes for the wealthy and the well- connected, suddenly, well, you know what? We’ll take the sequester.” Funny, well not really but is this not his continual go-to attack? I guess it was Ok for the president to use tax loopholes, much like he used the CPAC during his election. all things he rallied against. Remember the FAA was fixed rapidly and you know what,  move funds around it is not like these agencies don’t have excess funds.

“And then in rapid succession, suddenly White House tours, this is terrible. How can we let that happen? Meat inspectors, we’ve got to fix that. And most recently, what are we going to do about potential delays at airports?”

At this point I am asking why is the Peoples house closed to the public but he can use it to host a concert with celebrities and such? I mean there have been offers to pay for a weeks worth of tours by a number of wealthy citizens but the President has accepted ZERO of those offers, why? Because as with the FAA, the president of this nations wants the people to suffer the cuts (He signed into law) so he can cast the shadow of blame on the Republicans. 2014 is on the horizon a big election because if the President can turn enough Americans against the Republicans he will be free to do as he sees fit because he will a rubber stamp from congress and the senate. 

The problem is that we have a president who is unrealistic, he does not understand like Bill Clinton did that for a government to work properly you have to give and take, in other words compromise, not make a deal then move the goal post. Up to this point the way the President deals and compromises is pretty much how Lucy used to do with Charlie Brown every time he tried to kick the football she was holding in place for him.


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