The Erosion of Humanity; Is this a glimpse of what Obamacare may look like?

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) — The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued a letter on Thursday to Nevada health officials saying Rawson-Neal may be subject to termination of its Medicare provider agreement.

This comes after the federal agency surveyed the hospital in March and reported serious deficiencies in discharge policies.

“We work with the hospitals, but the burden is now with the hospital to correct those policies,” said Rufus Arther with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

The hospital must submit evidence of policy changes within ten days or lose a significant amount of federal funding.

“It could be 50 percent or up to 80 percent depending on the hospital,” Arther said.

Earlier, Action News reported on Rodrick Hicks, a former patient of Rawson Neal. His mother said he was discharged earlier this week, given a bus pass and sent on his way.

Rawson Neal said according to their records, no bus pass was issued from their facility to Rodrick Hicks. They can’t give any additional information without patient consent, and Hicks declined to sign a release.

The hospital went on to say they have no policy on in-state transportation for their patients.  SOURCE


The above is a disgusting story, how is it that something like this takes place in modern society? How do people at Rawson Neal justify treating another human being in this manner? They are paid with our tax dollars and they take the money meant to care for these people with psychological disorders and they put them on a bus and ship them of to another state with three days worth of medication. How many of these people arrive and after being victimized by Rawson Neal, then become victims in a new state with nothing? This is another example of how humanity in this nation is eroding.

Here though are my greater fears, is this what Obamacare will look like, as the taxes increase and costs increase due to Obamacare are we going to see more incidents like this one on a wider level simply because the money is not going to be there to take care of these people and yes I say people though Rawson Neal treated them like unwanted trash!


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