Non-Citizens to Pass Judgment on Citizens of the United States of America?

scales of justice

The California State Assembly voted Thursday to amend its juror law, which currently applies only to to U.S. citizens, to include “lawfully present immigrants.” The legislation is now headed to the state Senate for another vote. California is the first state to attempt such an amendment.

The amendment reads in part:

“SECTION 1. Section 203 of the Code of Civil Procedure is amended to read: 203. (a) All persons are eligible and qualified to be prospective trial jurors, except the following: (1) Persons who are not lawfully present immigrants or citizens of the United States”

California legislators who voted in favor of this preposterous law clearly forgot that American citizenship is sacred.

People come to our country both legally and illegally because our country is such a beacon of freedom and opportunity. California is home to approximately 23 percent of the nation’s undocumented immigrants, accounting for 1 of every 15 of its residents. Of course, we also have those who enter legally: In 2012 alone, over 1 million people became legal permanent residents of the U.S.

America is founded upon a Constitution filled with freedoms and rights, yet her citizens also have duties and obligations. One duty is that we, as citizens, are required to serve on a jury if called upon to do so. Each year, over 30 million Americans are summoned to jury duty.

Yet federal Judge William G. Young (nominated by President Reagan) has lamented, “The American jury system is dying. It is dying faster in the federal courts than in the state courts. It is dying faster on the civil side than that on the criminal side, but it is dying. It will never go entirely, but is is already marginalized.” READ WHOLE STORY


Sadly the above story outlines one of the things I despise about California. “We are somewhat of a look the other way state” San Francisco is a sanctuary city where it defies federal law concerning illegal immigration. But to allow non-citizens to sit in judgment of American Citizens is against the grain of everything our founding fathers laid out for us the citizens of this great nation! I cannot believe the legislators of this state would think this was the way to fix a system plagued with problems. This would be like introducing gasoline to a fire you were trying to put out. The world is spinning, that fact is for sure, but I feel it is closer to a downward spiral. Return to the Constitution as it was written and the system will be righted. Our legal system is failing on many levels due to ideology, frivolous law suits, and loop-holes, along with a bit of corruption. Start with the DOJ clean house and refill with non-partisan patriots all the way through the legal system.

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