Prayers for our brothers and sisters in Boston

boston marathon

It is not clear what has happened at this point at the end of the Boston Marathon but there were two explosions and from what I am seeing on my screen a number of people were injured and a man at the scene caught on video and open mic said: Oh My God They’re Dead.

Please pray if you are of faith and if not send out your best thoughts to all involved.

Reports now there are deaths,  people blown apart….Dozens injured as well.

I will update this post as I learn more.

Update 3 confirmed dead, security being stepped up across Boston and bomb squads are on the scene.

Counter Terrorism vehicles being deployed around landmarks in Manhattan.

It is now being reported that this is not an accident.

Hospitals report currently treating 4 people still dozens injured at least 3 confirmed dead.

Our Nation Stands Yet Again as a target for extremists Who have no concern for human Life.

Police about to conduct a controlled detonation of a suspicious device in Boston.

Boston PD now reports at this point 2 dead not 3.

Two more devices being dismantled as I update. This gives us opportunity to trace materials…

There is a suspect that has been identified supposedly but the confirmation of this information remains to be seen.

Boston Globe reports 100 people injured and thankfully 5000 people had yet to cross the finish line.

Updated: 04-16-2013

176  wounded 17 of which are children and 3 dead. Kudos to the first responders, the doctors, the citizens who rushed to help the injured even when there was a possibility there would be more bombs and carnage.

America is resilient, we are resilient plain and simple. As we listened to witnesses and victims we heard over and over about people unwilling to hide their heads in  the sand but rather were looking forward to the race again next year. This is what makes the United States of America a beacon to the rest of the world. We stand when evil would seek that we lay down. We fight when evil would seek to make us run, we come together in times like this when evil would seek to divide us. Our spirit and dedication cannot be broken!


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