Des Moines Register Posts Online Map Showing Which Schools Have Security to Protect Children…Putting Children Under Possible Risk

Targeting Children

Just months after The Journal News in White Plains, N.Y., published an interactive map flagging all residents in three counties who legally owned pistols, The Des Moines Register published a map pinpointing which Iowa schools are adequately protected and which ones lack security.

The interactive map was still online Wednesday afternoon and allowed users to click on schools to get the name and number of students enrolled. The map was taken down after editors reportedly received phone calls from concerned readers that the map would help potential criminals target schools that don’t have security.

Des Moines Register Metro Editor Cathy Bolton said the map and accompanying story were part of a “larger look at school resource officers.”

The story revealed that at least 54 Iowa public school districts out of 348 in the state have a police officer or private security guard stationed at one or more of the schools during some part of the school day, a survey found.

The interactive map, which identified more than 100 public schools, from kindergarten through high school and community college campuses, was taken down for editing and will be back up, a Register editor said.

“All of us in the media have to be incredibly thoughtful and even more vigilant about balancing the need to report with how folks can perceive our work in the light of what happened at Sandy Hook. I’ll tell you, nothing is more important to me than protecting the students, school teachers and administrators and safeguarding a community against any kind of violence,” the editor said.

Many of the newspaper’s readers didn’t agree, as comments posted on the story were generally negative.

“Apologies will not suffice. Not this time. Children’s lives were placed at risk, This is nothing short gross negligence let alone journalistic malpractice. I demanding Editor Green fire those responsible for this article and then follow that with his resignation!” wrote Ed Thompson.

“This is UNBELIEVABLE! The Des Moines Register and the author of this article will be directly responsible for any and all fallout from a STUPID, STUPID article like this. I will pray that you do not end up with blood on your hands, but if you do, mark my words, this will be a court case like none known to exist,” wrote another user, Dixie Belluchi-Watters.

“I am DISGUSTED that your newspaper would post such a map and put your state’s children in jeopardy. The map was interactive and YOU DID get the district and where it was located and # of students — not hard to figure out if you want to do something harmful. SHAME ON YOU,” wrote Facebook user Amanda Rieter.

The schools map appeared two months after The Journal News  owned by Gannett, which also owns the Des Moines Register  sparked outrage when it identified all pistol-owning residents of the New York counties of Westchester, Putnam, and Rockland.

The gun-owner map’s publication, which came less than two weeks after the Dec. 14 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, garnered widespread criticism and thousands of comments and shares on social media, prompting the editors to take it down. The map is currently back online with a FAQ section.

Many considered the gun-owner map as a public shaming of people who weren’t doing anything illegal and merely owned lawful, registered guns.

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I have to tell you all right now, I purposely made this post leaving out the map as it is still online and I do not want this blog linked directly to this act of idiocy.

To me this posting of the map listing the districts that had security, and color coded to describe the level of security is mind boggling. Is Newtown that far removed from our minds that these people at the Des Moines Register did not think that this was a visual aid for the next monster that wants to do harm to our children? How can anybody be so thoughtless? Or was it thoughtless? Perhaps in the persisting gun control debate some Journalist (I use the term loosely) thought what a great way to show this nation how easily Newtown could be repeated? I think like this because I am jaded, plain and simple I have seen atrocities like this passed off before as a concern for the safety of our children. This article and map showed no concern for our children and quite possibly could put them in harms way if it already hasn’t. This sort of idiocy at times makes me hate certain aspects of the human race. All Children must come first in thought, action, and outcome. Let us pray that God watches over our children because it is obvious certain people cannot be counted on to think about what the consequences of their actions might be and how it could possibly impact children. Many Thanks to The Blaze .com and Megyn Kelly for standing up for our children



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  1. This is outrageous. What were they thinking? Your decision not to include the map that would target schools with inadequate security puts you in a position of being a person who not only used their brain; but someone who truly cares about the safety of the children.

    Newtown hysteria is still running amok; children being arrested for bring a “Hello Kitty” blowdryer to school (oh yeah, they said it looked like a gun), gunshots outside schools while police prepare students to listen for the sounds of gunfire, and now printing out security levels and publishing it on the internet. I’m dazed with all the horrendous decisions being made in reaction to the Newtown shootings.

    Won’t someone please put a stop to this madness? Let’s get together and find a way to keep our children safe; not living in constant fear. Please?

    Great post, my friend!

    • Great response I agree with you the hysteria has got to stop and our kids need to feel like the adults supposedly there to support them are not off their rocker. I do care very much about our children as they are the very future of this nation. They need to be surrounded by people who are rational thinkers. There was the kids suspended for making guns with their like countless numbers of children do every day. Some people are so wound up over the Gun Control debate they are finding even them most innocent of all actions are something to be feared. I cannot for the life of me find away to believe the people behind this map did not know what they were doing and the possible risks due to their actions.

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