Bill Oreilly is right Protect the Children by assuring strong Justice and lengthy prison terms for crimes against children.

I have been watching Bill Oreilly push for all states to adopt “Jessica’s Law” and to be honest I cannot understand why the good people of Colorado can launch an attack on our second amendment and seek to ban guns yet do not feel people who choose to violate children in the worst ways do not deserve harsher sentencing. Official after official has been on The Factor and those with the power to start the push for Jessica’s Law say their laws are very harsh and do not need Jessica’s Law. So let’s take a look at how well the state of Colorado protects the children by keeping these monsters who would do them harm off the streets.

In Colorado, 47-year-old Jeffrey Bigham, sexually abused a 11- year-old boy almost a thousand times. He got one year in a Colorado prison. One year, Oh my God one year? He should have gotten life without the chance of ever being a free man again in his lifetime. This is just one case that shows Colorado is soft on sexual crime against children. If you search out Bill Oreilly and Jessica’s law, you will find a number of attack pieces against Mr. Oreilly by liberal media and it is these attack pieces that outline the problems. The Liberals in Co. are online with attacking our second amendment by banning some or all firearms in their state, but take a decidedly different direction when it comes to protecting children from pedophiles and sexual assault. No, where the pedophiles are involved the Liberals think a year in prison is justice served on a man who sexually attacked a boy over 800 times, again that’s 800 plus times.

44 states have Jessica’s Law but Law makers in Colorado will not even bring it to the floor for a full vote. They have said that Law Enforcement does not support it Last night Bill had as guests on his show a chief of police and a county sheriff both from Colorado and both in full support of implementing Jessica’s Law. I am not trying to beat a dead horse here but here is another sample of Colorado justice. “41 year-old-man Delbert Wallace Stiewert raped a 13-year-old girl for months, for mounts. He pled guilty to sexual assault and was sentenced to two years in prison.” Two years? Really? Now please don’t get me wrong because I know there are some liberals out there fighting for the same justice that Jessica’s Law would deliver. Large sentences for child rapists plain and simple and if a State cannot find it within its citizens to seek swift and severe punishment to those that violate the innocent children then what exactly does that say about our society? You don’t have to like Bill Oreilly to understand that the justice he is seeking is needed. Children’s lives are being destroyed and all the Colorado courts are doing is giving a slap on the wrist to these monsters. The liberal media will not lock on to this story from the positive and supportive side but rather they choose to shoot the messenger and willingly turn a blind eye to the reality of what is going on in Colorado.

Below is an excerpt from Mr. Oreilly’s interview with Curtis Hubbard, “The Post” editorial director:


HUBBARD: Colorado has strong sex offender laws and I don’t see…

O’REILLY: I got… I’ve got a dozen, I’ve got a dozen child rapists doing less than five years in your state, Mr. Hubbard. Maybe you ought to do a little research about it.

HUBBARD: And they’re on lifetime probation which is something unique to Colorado.

O’REILLY: Lifetime probation, ooh, lifetime probation for rape? You know if you had a kid and somebody raped that kid and they got lifetime probation you’d probably be out there with a gun, Mr. Hubbard.

HUBBARD: That’s in addition to their prison sentences, Bill.


Now this is a reality we are all beginning to understand, people are looking away from harsh punishment for unthinkable crimes and looking to soften the blow…I ask all of you who read this, who softens the blow to the children who suffer at the hands of these monsters? Why is it that the most vile monsters in society are being given essentially a pass for these crimes that live with the child for the rest of their lives and in many cases these crimes set these children off on the wrong pathways in life as well. If you cannot tell I am disgusted, disgusted by the fact that the adults with the power to make a difference put these monsters back on the streets in relatively short amounts of time and allow them again the opportunity to prey upon the children.

Five other states besides Colorado do not have Jessica’s Law and they are, Vermont, Illinois, New York and Hawaii, New Jersey is beginning the stages to put it up for a vote. All I can say is, our children deserve better than what Colorado believes is strict punishment. I am of the mind that a sexual assault against a child should be a federal crime as it is these children that will someday run this country therefore they are of national interest. If Jessica’s law were taken to Federal level then all states would be expected to enforce it and our children would at least be assured justice that would not include a slap on the wrist but rather the offender would be slapped with a nice stout sentence in a federal Prison….

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  1. I am so emotional right now that I’ve got tears running down my face. I mean, they have got to be kidding right? Under 5 years for rape of an innocent child, not once, but so many times that it’s hard to wrap my head around. “Lifetime Probation?” Don’t make me barf. Educate a pedophile?..pedophiles CANNOT be’s been proven by medical experts. The only way Colorado can protect their children is to send these pigs away for a very long time…or shoot them!

    I don’t advocate violence and I stay out of the controversy going on about Gun Control. But, I agree with Bill, if Hubbard had a child who was would be a different person talking and if it was a child of mine..shooting them is not even enough for the pain they inflicted on my child. This is utterly disgusting and I am also disturbed that Five other states are not adopting Jessica’s Law. What are you waiting for? How many children need to be killed, raped or damaged for a lifetime before you idiots take the measures necessary to put these scumbags away for life! Jesus Wept!

    Thanks for sharing this, Basharr, people need to know which states to stay away from if they have kids and they want to relocate or open a new business. It certainly shouldn’t be one that doesn’t have Jessica’s Law.

    I’m also Reblogging this so my people on other sites and networks know what’s happening!

    • Thanks for the reblog and thanks for your comments, I cannot for the life of me understand how this goes on and why a handful of states will not step up in the name of our children.

  2. Reblogged this on Grandma Says.. and commented:
    As a mother and a grandmother, I am outraged. Read this and you’ll find out why!

  3. I’ve never even been in a fight in my life, but if someone raped my child once, I would find them and kill them. There would be no probation, no short sentences. If you touch a child, you are a sick freak, and the chances of you ever rehabilitating into a normal, functioning human are pretty low. I don’t care if your Uncle Earl touched you, and that’s your defense; there is no excuse to rape any human, much less a child. Grow a scrotum, Colorado.

    • Yes Kerbey Grow a set is my line of thought as well. Protect the kids and quit with the trying to reform people that history shows re-offend I mean the one boy close to 1000 times and 1 year in prison? How could anybody accept that as Justice?

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