Its not a war on women it is the debate about the spirit of the law.

The Supreme Court did NOT legalize abortion. They struck down a state laws that banned it. They did not pass any laws saying it was legal. That has always been left up to the states.

Anti-abortion laws started appearing in the United States in the 1820’s, and accelerated in the 1860’s. Buy the year 1900, it was basically illegal in all the states.

In the late 1960’s, states started passing laws that made abortion legal to protect the life or health of the pregnant woman. Washington DC had such a law, which was challenged in the Supreme Court in 1971 (United States v. Vuitch). The court ruled that “health” meant “psychological and physical well-being”. Other states followed, passing similar laws.

In 1973, the Supreme Court heard two cases dealing with the issue of abortion. Roe v. Wade was the big one, and they ruled that a Texas statute forbidding abortion except when necessary to save the life of the woman was unconstitutional. But, they did also rule that states could restrict abortions in the second trimester, and outlaw it in the third.

Doe v. Bolton was the other case in 1973 dealing with abortion. This expanded the right to abortion up to the moment of birth if the doctor felt it was in the best interest of the mother’s health, basically doing away with the trimester requirements of Roe. SOURCE


I understand a woman has rights and it is her right to terminate a pregnancy, but it should be noted that since laws banning abortion were struck down over 53 million abortions performed in the united States of America. This number is staggering and begs the question is this what the spirit of the law meant? How many people have unprotected sex because they know if the woman gets pregnant they can in most cases receive a free abortion? I know a woman who has had four abortions all of them were the result of unprotected sex. I have to ask why anybody who does not want to get pregnant would knowingly have unprotected sex? I am not just talking about women, men as well should be thinking about consequences and not looking for the easy out. I believe the laws allowing abortion were not put in place thinking that irresponsible people would be using “ABORTION” as a form of birth control.

It is my thought that there are thousands of people who are unable to have children, so why does abortion rule the day over adoption? How many great possibilities have been torn from the womb never to be given a chance become the jewel of somebody’s eye? There are other options besides abortion, and honestly I am not against all abortions but I am when the only reason is the couple were irresponsible and they don’t want to take accountability for their actions.

53 million people that never were given a chance to have an impact on this world I can’t believe any judge anywhere ever believed a number this high would be reached. But in The United States of America? Stunning! We are the biggest protector of life compared to any other country in the world yet 53 million…..Unbelievable. Is this what was envisioned when these laws were set in place….Who promotes this over life? What have we become?


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