Hollywood Seeking a Senate Seat

Who in their right mind would elect Hollywood liberal Michael Moore the serve in the Senate? Well thankfully Mikey is not running for a Senate seat, but Ashley Judd is and in the end it equals the same thing. Well I may have spoken too soon as she, Ms. Judd has not come right out and stated she will challenge Mitch McConnell in KY but she has been testing the waters. Personally it is my opinion that last thing we need is another biased Liberal from Hollywood thinking they need to take a second job in Washington and add to the problems we have in Washington. Rand Paul the other day Filibustered the old fashioned way and in the end he got the white House to admit they could not use a drone to kill an American on American soil. For his efforts we got Lindsey Graham and john McCain attacking him so we can already see there is a problem within the GOP, mainly old coots that need to give younger fresher minds a chance. But when I say younger fresher minds I do not think about ideologues like Ms. Judd either. She does not identify with Americans as a whole she has proved that in her off the cuff political attacks and her belief the right is whats wrong for America. No folks, we need thinkers unafraid to vote against party lines senators and congressmen that are not afraid to vote their conscious and make government work like it was designed. The GOP is the party of “NO” because the Democrats are unable to say “Whoa” and slow the spending.  We need budget hawks and people willing to open their eyes and see the reality that we don’t have the money Mr. Obama continues to spend. Sequester cuts have been the topic for the last two weeks and Mr. Obama said the sky was going to fall, and we were all doomed, yet when he could have VETOED the Sequester he instead signed it into law. He does not take accountability for his action but rather blames his opponents. It is no wonder nothing is getting done, with bad leadership the tone and flow is set.

We have big troubles and the answers to our problems are not going to come from Hollywood Silver Spoon Liberals and obviously not from old coots either if they cannot even take a stand and mean it when dealing with the possibility that our government left the door open to killing Americans on American soil without due process. It is time the reshuffle the deck and get rid of the earmarked cards, new ideas from both sides and no more partisan politics. How about we start this with a push for congress and the senate to vote affirmative for term limits for all or our representatives in the house and the senate. It is like a pool of water, with out a continued fresh flow of water it stagnates and is good for nothing.


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