More Misplaced Blame From President Obama


Honestly, only people dumb enough to believe him are truly listening at this point. The sequester is the product of democrats and republicans who could not reach a deal last year. Obama signed the sequester into law knowing full well what it meant and at any point in time if he did not see it as a good idea (in his mind) he could have whipped out his magical VETO pen and put the Sequester to rest permanently. But he chose not to do that because he knew he would blame the Republicans if Sequester came to pass and not take any personal accountability himself even though he signed it into law.

The sky is falling! I repeat….The sky is falling! How did Chicken Little end up having the power to so willingly divide this country?

Wake Up folks, if you do nothing then don’t complain when it all hits the fan. We are not being lead but we do have a very little man in the oval office who has an extremely large ego and understands absolutely nothing about personal accountability, for if he did this country might stand a chance. However Dear Leader is unwilling to gaze into the mirror.


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