Considering a Government shut down while Obama takes his rightful place in history

 “The appetite for a government shutdown is growing among Republicans, who had shied away from one during the debt and spending fights in the last Congress but now say one may be needed.
Several high-profile senators this week began laying the groundwork for a shutdown, saying that it may be necessary in order to restore “fiscal sanity” on the federal budget.
“I think the last time we saw a shutdown, the fact that Republicans were willing to stand together — on fiscally conservative principles — ended up producing a result that was responsible and that benefited the country and that ultimately produced enormous economic growth,” said Sen. Ted Cruz, a freshman Republican from Texas. Fellow Texan Sen. John Cornyn, the second-ranking Republican in the chamber, wrote an op-ed in the Houston Chronicle on Friday saying a partial shutdown may be needed to show Congress is serious about cutting spending.” Full Story


It is my feeling that if it takes a Government Shut Down for people to get a clue than bring it on! The reality is we have the liberal controlled senate that does nothing but block legislation and that’s only if (I am God) Harry Reid allows it to be voted on. But here is the point, not many on the left are complaining that Obama is unrealistic or that Harry Reid is unrealistic when the reality is we “HAVE” to cut spending. Harry and the president are both avoiding reality and in doing so put every citizen in this nation at risk because they refuse to bring the hammer down and cut spending. Now like Mitt Romney, I know this my message will fall on about 40% of American citizens that willingly choose to bury their heads in the sand instead of demand that our government change course fiscally and fast! Shut down the Government and do it now. Obama is seeking unlimited control to raise the debt ceiling and is trying to blame it on GOP spending as he just added another 4 trillion to the deficit with this petty, hollow, two month fix for the fiscal cliff. More pork spending and less accountability from this administration. I say from this administration because Obama signs this stuff into laws and does nothing to assure spending is in fact cut. This president is the most irresponsible president this nation has ever known, he does not stand by his words, he divides this nation and he scoffs at fiscal responsibility. The sad thing is even if the Government is shut down to make a point, Obama will use it as a springboard for another round of political attacks rather than get a clue. This is not the America I was raised in, the nut cases are in charge of two of the executive branches and were in not for the conservative controlled congress our asses would be blowing in the wind.

The problems we have in this country are largely due to the fact that too many people in this nation do not understand that Obama and his policies are poison, and they are destroying this nation. Anybody who runs a household understands you have to have a budget and adhere to it. (When did the senate last produce a passable budget?) Anybody who runs a household knows you cannot spend money you do not have without incurring debt. (Has anybody seen how deep this country is in debt?) Anybody who runs a household understands that for there to be money to pay the bills, there needs to be jobs. (How are those unemployment numbers doing?)

Now how about that guy who is supposed to be running this country? He is a failed leader and I will tell you why. He is a failed leader because he only seeks to lead the people who were stupid enough to vote for him a second time. He does not care about me or anybody else that is not in his cheering section. Break it down what exactly is there to cheer about. He has continued on his irresponsible pathway to oblivion, he will not consider cutting spending, he has no credibility because he cannot uphold his own words. He fuels the divide in this nation to levels that should be seen as treason. What kind of person relishes in turning his own people against each other without batting an eye? He has demonized capitalism, he has demonized success, he has even demonized those that dare to dream, and for Gods sake let us not forget that the victims of hurricane Sandy are still suffering and all his promises for immediate help vanished the second he was reelected.  Poverty is at an all time high under this failure and thus I have given him the honor of which he and his policies are well deserved.


The citizens of this nation deserve leadership something Obama cannot offer.



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