Unions, the Great American Patriots…NOT!

You know it only takes a few seconds to see how UnAmerican these union thugs are. America has outgrown the need for Unions and many of the Unions that are out there don’t get it. They don’t care they Drove Hostess out of business, no couldn’t be happy they had a job when so many are out of work, the Bakers Union wanted more money. More Money? WTF? You make more than the average Joe by far, you get sweet benefits and you want more while millions and millions of Americans have nothing? What a bunch of pathetic slugs you are. Remember how Obama and Bush bailed out the auto industry and the thanks received were videos of UAW workers doing drugs and drinking while on their lunch hour. They drained the auto industry of its ability to remain afloat and when they get bailed out they go party, get high, drunk and go back to work and build the cars we believe are safe for our children and ourselves to ride in.

Right To Work is what we need in this country, we should not have to pay to be employed Hoffa Sr. and Hoffa Jr. did not get that, they were and are of the line of thought that if things don’t go the Union’s way you rough some people up, you put someone out of business, you make them an offer they can’t refuse. We Americans do not need this element in the workplace, in our lives and trying to drag this nation down. The video above and this excerpt ” This is the kind of crap Trumpka supports and exactly why we need to rid ourselves of the UNIONS!

“The Michigan Legislature on Tuesday gave final approval to contentious “right-to-work” legislation, in the face of raucous protests in the capital and stern warnings from Democratic lawmakers.”

“There will be blood, there will be repercussions,” State Democratic Rep. Douglas Geiss, speaking on the House floor on Tuesday, warned ahead of the votes.” SOURCE To make that comment that Democrat already understands the Unions are lawless. We need to rid the Nation of this pathetic excuse of existence. As I stated America has out grown the need for Unions. Time to get this country right and get true Patriots back to work!


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