Crowder: True looks at Obama Through Comedy





The truth is Obama has done far more damage than anybody on the left is willing to admit. Contemplate this as you cast your vote. Unemployment (23 Million Americans out of work), The Economy(Growing at a near stand still), Poverty Levels (highest in decades) ObamaCare (hidden taxes will mean more people out of work and less doctors to treat patients)

The Choice is CLEAR


Added to our National debt and OBAMA didn’t fix anything!

Vote to take back this country and turn it around it is our only hope.


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  1. This Benghazi thing should convince most people he doesn’t care one bit about them …. His hurricane good fella act was more about how he can throw his weight around then helping people. The statement about no red tape was mor about “I am GOD” then caring about things getting done. He used it as a political tool to show up Bush …. Obama is pathetic an weaselly


  2. This the reason he gets so many votes …. People are fu€king idiots

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