Nothing to Laugh About


Last night’s debate between Joe Biden and Paul Romney was the age old story of the grasshopper and the ant updated to fit our national issues at this point in time. While Paul Ryan aimed at Obama’s foreign policy, Joe Biden laughed and acted like it was no big deal. When asked about the cuts to security he tried to label Ryan as the one who cut money for security which was untrue, no money has been cut at this point for security to our embassies and consulates anywhere in the world. But Joe kept laughing.

When talk moved on to Iran, again Joe laughed, no big deal to him…He stated when they are close to the bomb “We Will Know.” How is he so sure, he claims they did not know about Libya? As Ryan pointed out Democrats blocked harsh sanctions on Iran and allowed Putin to maneuver into a position where he can veto movement by the USA via the UN. So how is it that Old Joe thinks he knows best? What we have seen from the current administration is wait and see what happens. If intelligence is bad as Joe said then isn’t Joe’s case with the administration somewhat like the Grasshopper, knowing winter is coming and yet taking no action?

We also saw a lot of scare tactics aimed at seniors, in order to distract us away from reality SSI and Medicare are going broke and Biden says leave them alone while Ryan say it is time to work to save them. What is the best course of action, what Joe does not want to do is address the problem, maintaining his job is more important than tuning up our entitlements to keep them running smooth. Again Winter is coming and the President and vice president want to keep playing while winter is fast approaching. I believe Romney Ryan offer this country its best chance to get right again and back on track. I believe we have seen over the last four years stagnation and failure to truly kick start the Economy, Jobs and to start hacking away at the debt. Trillions have been added and the debt is due, winter is coming and it is going to be harsh do we play or do we do the hard work to stave off the cold?

I just cannot seem to shake the image of Laughing Joe in a time in this country where the issues facing this nation are nothing to laugh about. In Libya they got caught with their pants down and still none of them gets it. I sure November brings about change that truly means true leadership is at the helm and not people who think it is all a joke!


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