Something to Think On When You Cast Your Vote

After watching the first debate last night between Romney and Obama, I came away feeling pretty good about Governor Romney’s performance, He gave the president complete eye contact while he was talking, he corrected Obama on untruths and he laid out the case that the last four years have been very hard on many people in this nation  and Obama along with many in the democrat party have moved forward even when the people of this nation indicated they wanted a different direction. Probably what the best take-away from last nights debate we saw a president that appeared weak, not well prepared and and somewhat arrogant at times and at others thin-skinned. I would blame this on Obama naturally but also on his supporters and the Main Stream media, everybody who has not demanded accountability from this man has done him harm. Of course he himself is at fault as well because he chooses to smear over taking accountability for his dismal record. I await the next debate with baited breath, I understand that most likely the arrogance of Obama may not be present because last night he believed he had it in the bag, and it cost him badly. So Romney should take not, he has had his cake walk and Obama will not spend the next two weeks sparring with Pee-Wee Herman. Well he might but I doubt it. Please consider the above video before casting your vote. Understand our military do what they do for the country out of a driving sense of honor. They do not do it so a president can use their actions for political gain. And they SURELY don’t do it so the President and his minions can manufacture cover-ups and untruths surrounding their deaths and final actions of these brave HEROES. This was no “Bump in the Road” This was preventable (Libya) but to have prevented it we would have needed an administration with a true understanding of the situation and one not so arrogant as to think they (with no experience) knew best. Foreign Policy lacking strength is simply the same as hiding your head in the sand.


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