David J Hentosh Nails it! Reblogged from Thomasjeffersonclubblog.

Obama’s Foreign Policy Farce Exposed

by thomasjeffersonclubblog

Reminiscent of a Baghdad Bob performance, White House press secretary Jay Carney told the press on Friday that the violence occurring around the world at US embassies is“…in response not to United States policy, and not to, obviously, the administration or the American people, but it is in response to a video”.

This, of course, has to be the White House position because Obama told us he was“uniquely qualified” to bring stability to America’s relationships in the Muslim world. Many voters were fooled into believing that his charisma, alone, was enough to calm down Muslim fanatics and that his foreign policy of “throw away the stick and speak softly” was the answer. Worse than that, Obama fooled himself into believing it.

After one term of Obama’s foreign policy, the US has not only lost respect around the world, it has lost influence, credibility, and allies. In the Middle East, fear of US reprisal is no longer a concern for violence-prone fanatics who respect nothing but strength. Obama’s willingness to throw Israel, once a strong ally, under the bus is welcomed by most Middle East Arabs, but it is also a sign of weakness. That weakness is blood in the water for terrorist sharks, as is appeasement.

Iran has certainly taken advantage of Obama’s weakness and is fast approaching a viable nuclear weapon. Having arrogantly announced his intent of wiping Israel off the map, Armajinedad openly sneers at Obama and the UN, knowing there is nothing to fear from continuing his efforts. Without the “stick” of the US, the UN is even more useless than it has been. Israel, abandoned by Obama’s foreign policy, fully understands the danger and is on the verge of a military attack which will explode the Middle East.

Obama’s foreign policy farce is now being exposed, as were his other failed policies. He has nothing but to campaign on contraceptives, taxing rich people, abortion rights, gay marriage, and issues that prey on emotions. It would be very dangerous for voters to be fooled again.

David J. Hentosh


I chose to reblog the above article as it truly outlines the inept foreign policy executed over the last four years by the Obama Regime. What progress that was made in the middle east has been squandered away by the worst president to ever occupy the white house. No I am not talking about Jimmy Carter, no I am giving full credit where credit is due. Barack H. Obama is probably the biggest blowhard know nothing to ever occupy the people’s White House. I am not going to dwell on those who bought his act and voted for him, I will just state that it only took common sense to know the guy was a fraud. So now we have FOUR dead Americans not to mention our dead Border Patrol Agent which Obama has joined holder in covering up the facts and the TRUTH. But back to the four dead Americans, can anybody in their right mind tell us why security was basically nonexistent? Why Ambassador Stephens is dead and why on the night of this attack did Obama sleep soundly through the night? Then what is the deal with blaming it on a video? I will tell you what is up with that, since day Obama has not taken accountability for any of his failures, he, to this day is not running on his record, no he is running on lies and smears because he is a coward. My daddy raised me to take accountability of my screw ups as well as my successes. But our President was obviously never taught much about being a man. No his is a thin-skinned egomaniac who has no idea what damage his weakness has done to our foreign relations. November cannot get here quick enough, I would love to serve him his eviction papers personally just to see the defeat in his eyes.


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