Romney on the Fourth of July: What I’d Like to Hear Him Say

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July 4, 2012 by sasoc

“My Fellow Americans,

On Independence Day we celebrate the transcendent moment of our nation’s rejection of tyranny and the capricious kings who perpetrated it for their nefarious and cruel aims. As we remember the truths and ideals embodied so vividly in the Declaration of Independence, I want to ask you to also remember what is at stake in this year’s presidential election and to consider whether the current occupant of the Oval Office has lived up to those truths and ideals.

We know the answer.

Mr. Obama has been in office for nearly four years, and he has hurt us all in so many ways: directly and indirectly, simply and through elaborate designs, and in the short and long terms.

In contrast, I stand before you as the candidate for president who embodies the virtue of America and the antidote to his destructive administration.

As you think about exercising your most precious voting rights this Fall, I urge you to ask yourself the following questions:

>Do you want a president who ignores the laws and arrogantly proclaims his refusal to enforce the ones he doesn’t like, as if he were the resurrection of a feudal despot-king? Or do you want a President who willrespect the office of the presidency and the constitution that I shall swear to uphold;

>Do you want a president who is ashamed of America and who is apologetic for its actions as he travels the world? Or do you want a President who knows that America on even its worst day is still the greatest nation the world has ever known and is the shining light of freedom even in the world’s darkest corners;

> Do you want a president who puts the citizens of other countries first and American citizens last — guns for Mexican drug gangs; manufacturing jobs for Finland via federal subsidy of an American car company that was supposed to make the cars here; $2 billion for Brazil to do off-shore drilling there after he had shut down drilling off the coast of Louisiana and Texas here; back-door amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants who are mostly citizens of Mexico at the expense of millions of unemployed Americans? Or do you want a President who knows the value of citizenship and who will promote the welfare of citizens as a first priority;

>Do you want a president whose love of big government and central controlhas led him to push our national debt from $10 trillion to $16 trillion in barely three years and yet have nothing good to show for it — certainly not a recovery in employment, and certainly not an economic recovery? Or do you want a President who understands that government spending musthelp all Americans, not just the powerful few whom mr. Obama chooses to reward, and who wants our nation to lead the world through fiscal strength, and not weakness that leaves us beholden to loans from Communist nations who seek to rival our global power;

>Do you want a president who actively destroys our energy industry at every turn — who imposed a 7-year ban on drilling in the gulf on the heels of the biggest oil spill in American history, and who rejected the Canada-Texas oil pipeline, and whose rhetoric promotes higher, not lower, gas prices? Or do you want a President who is mature enough to know that fossil fuels are going to be with us awhile longer and that we should promote our own oil and gas companies instead of falling prey to those of Venezuela, Mexico, and Russia.

> Do you want a president whose Justice Department is the most anti-American federal agency in history — suing several states to block desperate attempts at border sovereignty, and suing several other states to block voter-ID laws, and hiding documents relating to his reckless and irresponsible policy of walking assault rifles into Mexico to the point where the House of Representatives has held the Attorney General in criminal contempt? Or do you want to President whose Justice Department will enforce, not weaken and destroy, the laws of the United States;

> Do you want a president whose mind is so plagued by Socialist fantasiesthat he would force socialized medicine on us all while letting Wall Street go unpunished and unreformedOr do you want a President who believes in American capitalism and who will safeguard the financial system from another collapse;

I could go on, but I think you can see the great chasm between mr. Obama’s beliefs and actions and my own.

As I reflect on mr. Obama’s long list of shameful acts, I cannot decide which is the most shameful — walking guns to Mexico and then covering it up? Forcing socialized medicine on a country that didn’t want it and that desperately needed attention on real crises that still haunt us even now? Causing federal debt to surpass the nation’s GDP? Hobbling America’s energy industry? Ignoring the laws, as if he is a man apart from our government and the rest of us?

Any one of these acts is a disgrace and also a real threat to our health and sovereignty as a nation.

And as I reflect on my own journey as an American, I marvel at the genius of the Founding Fathers, and the leadership and patriotism of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Truman, and Reagan, and feel humbled by the country they created, nurtured, and defended.

I have had success as a businessman, and my record of integrity and conduct is admired by Democrats as much as Republicans; I have had success as a Governor; and I have had success cleaning up and restoring the high ideals and former glory of the Olympics Committee after it had become mired in scandal.

America needs its own restoration, its own cleaning-up, its own return to the glory that is always there for patriotic Americans to reclaim.

Reclaim it with me!

Vote for me in November and help me restore our great nation.

Thank you, and God Bless America.”


This is reblogged from a blog I post on near daily and it is without a doubt a piece of work worthy of reading. I want to know if anybody read the questions in the above post, how could they honestly vote again for the Amateur. July 4th has come and gone, yet in November we have the chance to regain our independence by sending Obama back to Illinois to live.


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